Registration and upgrades for 2017 are now CLOSED!

After four years in operation, #racelocal is the most established and best way to support your local OCR community, here in New England.

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Confirmed events

Blizzard Blast / MA – Jan 29th OCR
Shale Hill – Polar Bear Challenge / VT – Feb 4th OCR
Endurance Society – Snowshoe Festival – Feb 25th NON-OCR
BoldrDash – Winterdash / RI – March 4th OCR
FIT St Paddies Day – March 19th NON-OCR
FIT Challenge / RI – April 8th OCR
Runzilla / MA – April 22nd OCR
Wason Pond Pounder / NH – May 6th OCR
Rock the Gauntlet / CT – May 7th OCR
Tuff Scramblers / MA – May 13th OCR
Bonefrog / MA – May 20th OCR
Thunder Run NH / NH – May 20th OCR
Samurai Sprint / MA – June 3rd OCR
Heart Challenge / MA – June 10th OCR
FIT Challenge / CT – Aug 12th OCR
Shale Hell 24 / VT – Aug 26th/27th OCR
BoldrDash – Rocky Point / RI – Sept 9th OCR
Rugged Maniac MA – Sept 23rd – 24th OCR
Tuff Scramblers / MA – Oct 14th OCR
Panic in the Dark / MA – Oct 21st OCR (Trail option)
Run the Gauntlet / CT – Oct 22nd OCR
FIT TrailFecta / RI – Oct 22nd, Nov 23rd, Dec 10th NON-OCR
Team Mike McNeil Virtual Run 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon options – Oct 31st deadline NON-OCR


2017 will see us implement a points system, based on the number of miles you complete at each event.

Non-OCR events – Any event that is not an obstacle course race (trail, trail endurance, road, virtual etc) will be subject to a minus 50% points adjustment, and capped at 10pts
Competitive OCR events – Blizzard Blast, Bonefrog Challenge, Shale Hill and FIT Challenge offer timed, competitive wave options. Miles run under these conditions, by these rules, will be subject to a plus 20% points adjustment.
Relay Races – Points will be given for the total milage completed by each team, and divided amongst the participants. Officially logged miles, only.


Regular Registration: $35 for inclusion in the competitive points and competitions – capped at 50pts
Enhanced Registration: $60 for inclusion in the competitive points and competitions, and all the way to 200pts awards.


What is Charitable Runner?
Points earned at Charity events will be collected, and the top Male and Female points scorers will earn bonus prizes!
(Races: Wason Pond Pounder, Team Mike McNeil virtual races)

In detail:

Medals will be shipped upon completion of 10pts.
Swag bags will be shipped upon completion of 30pts.
T Shirts will be available for order upon completion of 50pts, and ordered / shipped as minimum orders are hit.
Back packs for all 100pt finishers
#racelocal custom pottery mug for all 200pts finishers!

Competitive points awards will be awarded at the end of the season, once all points are collated.
Winter Warrior and Charity Runner competitions will be awarded as we complete their final events.