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2% of Ruckus racers have done a Spartan? Huh?

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Firstly, I love Ruckus – they are one of my favorite short distance “local” races, and I’ve done every one of them in New England since 2010, when they started.

Recently they started blogging more actively, and just posted a bunch of stats, clearly aimed at encouraging the newer participants – it’s a great read – except one stat really stood out …

What about Warrior Dash, Spartan Run, Tough Mudder and other mud runs? 
Many of our participants have engaged in these other muddy obstacle experiences, too.  29% of our runners had participated in Warrior Dash, 4% in Mud Run, 3% in Tough Mudder and 2% in Spartan Run.
Ignoring the “Spartan Run” oopsy – I assume that anyone even peripherally involved in this world of obstacle course racing knows Spartan Race – also ignoring the really odd grammar … the bit that got my attention is that only 2% of folks running Ruckus have participated in a Spartan Race.
I can’t imagine that being even close to accurate. Spartan has had more races in the Ruckus markets than any of the others, and I’d say I’ve seen more than 2% of the field wearing Spartan shirts at a Ruckus in 2012 …
Thoughts? Discuss!

2 thoughts on “2% of Ruckus racers have done a Spartan? Huh?

  1. Simple. I bet only 2% of people who climb Mt Washington have climbed something taller. Only 2% of people who can ride a bike have rode one ride in a race. Only 2% of people who own running shoes run in them. Ruckus is trying to claim that more people, on average, do their race than Spartan. Im guessing this is another skewed marketing poll but I’m sure there is some validity to it. If They are an intro race, and that is awesome. Then their stats would reflect first time racers and more telling one and done people.

  2. We made up that 2% at the fall Ruckus and I know I talked to others who had done Spartan. I wonder where they got the stats. They did not ask us on the registration so how do they know besides internet search what races we have done. Curious to where they got the stats.

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