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A “quiet” weekend for the Spahtens

This weekend was quiet around New England. No big races were scheduled, and Sunday was Mothers Day, when moms of all kinds were taking it easy, relaxing, maybe some breakfast in bed …

Sleepy Saturday morning kicked off with many Spahtens meeting in Boston, to take part in the Marine Corp Honor Run – a 5k – that was also hosting a visit by one of our favorite events, Civilian Military Combine – they had their Pit setup, and Spahtens got to try it out first hand.

cmc pit

So, that was a relaxing start. Then, many other Spahtens and Spahtkins headed to Purgatory Chasm for a hike in the rain

purgatory chasm


Mean while, in central MA, the Music for Life Rock N Run 5k was held, with several of the folks who ran the Marine Corp race coming out -and Corrine bringing her 20lb ruck and burpee-ing her way through -and Shaina running it with a double wide stroller, ruck full of water bottles, oh, and a baby on board.

So, that was our relaxing Saturday.


Sunday was Mothers day of course, and all the moms relaxed, in the only way the Spahtens know how. By meeting up with the Stone Tower Spahtens at 6am for training.

Then, meeting in a local park with Viking Race director, Andreas Dietzel and creating a promotional video for his event in Norway later this year.


Meanwhile, Winter Death Race winner – Josh Grant, paid a visit to RT2 Photo and got some promo photos taken for his yoga studio.



So, that was a nice, relaxing weekend. Not much happening, with no races going on. Can’t wait for things to get busy again.

4 thoughts on “A “quiet” weekend for the Spahtens

  1. This NE Spahten’s Sunday was waking up at 4:00am to go turkey hunting, return home empty handed at 8:00am to change and drive to my soccer game, followed by a 45 minute run, and then 2 hours of my afternoon hand tilling the rest of my garden. Glad my weekend was a quiet as everyone else!

  2. One of those weekends that keeps me sane, keeps me going, keeps me remembering what I'm all about, and occupied from the things that have been keeping me sad. And keeps me in bed with a book by 8 cause I'm just too darn tired for anything else (I got 2 pages in before I passed out!)

  3. Seriously, it was exhausting writing this blog post, never mind keeping up with these guys…

    1. Pumped
      To see rock and run pics!

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