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A special race …

This weekend, members of the team are flying, driving or walking to VA to race in the Super distance Spartan Race – but locally, we’ve got a special race going on.


Robb McCoy has been working on his baby, the FIT Challenge, for a while now. Very smartly, he got involved with the local OCR community early, and started running races with us, meeting people – and making friends.


As a result, FIT Challenge is hosting it’s first race this weekend – and Robb is going to see 1,100 racers crossing his Start line – way more than he expected, and way more than many established local races get to see – ever.

The reason this race will be a success, when other local races struggle – the local OCR community has been involved. We’re a fan of both the race, the people behind the race and the cause of the race. We’re invested in a way I’ve not seen before, and we’re supporting someone who took the time to become a friend to the community, rather than just a service provider.The New England Spahtens will be making up a large percentage of that – we’re bringing over 70 runners – and Robb has given us our own team wave at 11:15. Established an elite heat first thing in the AM. We’re bringing his Zumba warmup instructor, the first ever Prom Gown wave (bring your camera … this’ll be … interesting) – and we’ve collaborated and worked with him for a couple of weeks now, supplying course runners, layout planning, obstacle guidance.

If you’re a local race director, and want some of this – come see me at FIT Challenge, and support another local race.

Tomorrow, almost 100 of us run FIT Challenge. See you there!

2 thoughts on “A special race …

  1. Goo Han!!!

  2. So excited to run! My brother is a 23+ year leukemia survivor. He never need treatments outside of Vermont but lots of kids did and not all survived. I'm honored to be supporting such a fantastic cause and running it with such an amazing group of people!

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