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An elite Christmas

Saturday, Dec 22nd will see one of the largest gatherings of New England Spahtens in one place, outside of an actual race. This is going to be *kinda* like a holiday party, but with less eggnog, and more burpees.

Yes, we’re meeting for a holiday workout at Harvard Stadium, and it’s looking like an epic way to start your holiday weekend.

If you’re interested in joining in, you should do two things:

Step 1) Join the Spahten Elite Fitness group.

Step 2) Join the event.

This is an extension of a regular training session run by James Mariano at the same location – and of course there are other training sessions going on all the time, all over New England – but unless you join the group, you’ll never know 🙂

Looking for some extra motivation? Both of these hot tickets (thats the half naked guy and the huge tire …) will be present … now, how can you say no …

Mario and tire

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  1. wish i coudl make it– will be having early Xmas in upstate NY with the family : (

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