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Announcing: Team ROC is NOT born!

For immediate release.



Thanks for Playing.

in 2013 we were sponsored by DD

in 2014 Reebok made custom Spahten All-Terrains

in 2015 Every team threw in the towel and became Random OCR Community.



The landscape of communities in OCR is changing. For the past three years, give or take, NES has been handling things in New England – working with local OCR owners and businesses, venues, promoters and traveling events.

We’ve done a damn good job too. We’re not the only ones. Regional communities already talk to their local races, and most crucially, they talk to the big three, like we do.

We talk to each other too. We’ve been planning.

We’re pleased to announce that as of today, the following teams –

New England Spahtens,
Midwest Vikings,
Corn Fed Spartans,
Chicago Spartans,
Team Ninja,
Team Illuminati,
Lone Star Spartans,
Azn Armor,
Champion Chasers,
Team Sisu,
Crazy Mudder Muckers,
Colorado Obstacle Racers,

Will now merge! The owners, admins and leaders of all these groups will begin the process of turning their existing brands and names into something new, and bigger than anyone of us.

Team ROC is born.

With the new buying power of 20,000+ members – races will be forced to take notice. We will no longer be that small team in our respective regions when big races swing through – we’ll be national (soon, international). And we’ve got your interests in mind.

All leaders, admins, owners and interested parties who currently lead the aforementioned groups will be merging into one admin committee.

All team names, logos and branding will, over the next few weeks, be discontinued, with Team ROC shirts, drill shirts, T Shirts, Sleeves and such being released.

We’re immediately going to ask for all events to drop their nickel and dime policies. Parking fees, spectator fees, over inflated beer prices – you name it, we want it to drop. If you run a road race or triathlon, you pay once and you’re done for the day. OCR deserves better.

We want Team ROC to be a featured part of every event – there’s a good chance we’ll be bringing 300+ members to the team at every event, in every part of the country, not just regional races. Bigger team tents – better team rewards.

We’re going to publicly demand Tough Mudder reinstate their finisher shirts (already done! You’re welcome!), and Spartan Race reinstate their single Trifecta medal. Battlefrog needs to put Sundays back on the calendar as promised, and much more.

What do you want to see this new Mega Community do next? Sound off! This is YOUR community, Team ROC!

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  1. I'm not buying it—April Fools?! There's no way that would be the new logo!

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