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At home training program

Not everyone can make it to Harvard for Monday night training. Not everyone can make it to the local Crossfit box 4 times a week. Many folks can’t even get to the gym.

We hear you. We’re still going to make you a better human. A better athlete. A better racer, competitor, fitter, stronger and faster. And you can do it at home, with no big equipment lists.

We’ll provide the tools, and the education, and the details – you just provide yourself with some time in the day, and the desire to be better. 


Before we get into it – a huge thanks to Robert Gagnon, of Robert Gagnon Fitness Systems and Xtreme Fitness NH for programming this and filming all the movements – he’s worked very hard to put this together, and it wouldn’t have happened without him!

rob ckt 1

This works very simply:

  • Step 1 – pick the kind of workout you want to do from the Workout Templates.
  • Step 2 – print your worksheet out and put on your Spahten shirt. Find and fill out the worksheets below.
  • Step 3 – pick your movements, add them to your worksheet (videos may start PAUSED) and watch the videos to learn the correct form – Movements Explained.
  • Step 4 – Workout, get sweaty, burn calories, be stronger, faster, fitter.
  • Step 5 – Repeat. Frequently.

We’ve included some benchmark Crossfit workouts (WODs) that don’t need any gear – more will come. If you need help scaling these, just shout.

You will also need a timer, a free online timer can be found here – and if you need help on using it, here you go.

Super circuit long worksheet
Super circuit short worksheet
Tabata couplets worksheet 
10 to 1 worksheet
AMRAP worksheet

If you need help, have questions, or want to give Rob big props for the work - hop into the Spahten Elite Fitness group on Facebook.

Robert put together a fantastic video walk through on how this program works, and how you can effectively use it to build your own training program – recommended watching if you want to make this as effective as possible

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  1. Live in metro west tell me more about Harvard and cross fit any people training together as a group outside hopefully for free really interested in getting healthy willing to travel still plenty of good exercise weather left please respond
    Kevin McHale

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