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Business Cards!

Most of us have been at a race, wearing our drill shirts, flying the New England Spahten flag – and someone has come up and said “what, are you some kind of team?”

Yes, yes we are.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hand them a business card with all of our info on it? Something they can tuck in their gear bag, and when they get home, there it is – logo, URL – and if you’re prepared, your contact info on the back?

Thanks to the amazing graphic design work of Mike McKenzie – we have it.

These two files act as templates for either a single card, or a sheet of 6 cards you can cut out. These should be compatible with your at home printing efforts (print the 6 card sheet onto some heavy stock and cut) – or for you to take to a print shop and have them printed up.

If you’re clever, print your details on the back, or just write them in.bcard_6 bcard_1

To get these, just right click and download, print and distribute!

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