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Buyer Beware …

Obstacle Course Racing has exploded in the past two years – this shouldn’t really be news to anyone reading this.

Folks in the Obstacle Course Racing world – from participants to race directors and everyone involved – for the most part are good, well meaning folks, another piece of “non-news”, especially in this community.

There have been stories of Race Directors who got in over their heads, and the event was a flop. There have been stories of misguided events, or obstacles – but usually they aren’t out and out trying to scam you.

But, sometimes these races do crop up. Rebel Race seem to make a pretty good business out of showing up, massively under delivering, but people still give them a good chunk of the annual race budget and go.

Thanks to Heather Gannoe of Run Faster, Mommy! posting this link today – we may have another one.

At first glance, Bloody Murder Sports seems to be a well put together website, with photos of racers going through obstacles – lots of detail – a really huge race listing for the 2013 season, covering all across the US and Canada.

Until you read some of the detail … lots of words, but, well no details. That huge race listing? They want $90 to pre-register, but only take payment by PayPal and of course, no refunds. And the locations are just city names.

Thats enough to set my spidey sense tingling, but people still paid full price for a Rebel Race … so lets keep digging.

Their contact page shows their HQ – a gloriously lit building in an office park. Looks rather like this one in Arizona, you can rent space in it too …

How about this guy on their Party & Honors page? Looks like he won the Mountain Warfare Training Challenge in 2010, with the same outfit/location …

If you still aren’t convinced, check out their promotional video ..

So – if you are from Bloody Murder Sports, and want a chance to prove me wrong – get in touch!

3 thoughts on “Buyer Beware …

  1. This has to be a joke, right? I saw a water bottle on their “Gear” page for $80.00! Now you have my interest peaked to find out more!

    1. I think it stops being a joke when they include PayPal check outs and accept money, unfortunately 🙁

      1. Agreed. I know of all the races on the west coast, and have not heard of this one.

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