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Thirty7s Custom Apparel

Got too many T Shirts?
Want to pick up a super unique, custom holiday gift?

I’ve been working with Thirty7s Custom Apparel.


They offer 100% custom clothing.
You can supply everything, or you can pick from his stock of race shirts, race patches, custom text patches (hashtags and nicknames!).

They slice, dice and sew things back up in anyway you want, or you let them figure it out.

Hats, shirts, baby stuff, jackets, hoodies – if you can imagine it, they can do it.

img_2794I’m sending in an NES jacket, with some NES, #racelocal and OCRWC qualifier shirts – and leaving it in their hands – it’ll run around $100 and I can’t wait to see the results.

Prices are super reasonable for the work involved – especially if you’re sending your own stuff in – AND because you’re a New England Spahtens community member, discounts are available through November. 10% off if you’re doing something big, like a jacket. 15% off if you’re doing something smaller, like a beanie or hat.

This is a 100% custom piece – every order will be priced differently based on needs.

How do you order?
Contact them through their website!

Make sure you let them know you’re a New England Spahten – grab something in time for the holidays!

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Grab those pre-orders

We have several items of team gear up for pre-order right now – and you don’t want to miss out!

Drill Shirts – our generation II drill shirts fit more casually, and are our first design change in 4 years – *and* they come in kids sizes!

and as always, a cheaper, casual tech version is available.

All of these close at the end of the October.

Open until the end of the calendar year, our tri-blend, super comfortable long sleeved hooded T’s are always a team favorite!

and newest items open, full zipped, fleece jackets for men and women!

Grab them, while you can.

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Generation 2 drill shirts – coming soon!

frontshortsleeveAkuma have been producing our iconic drill shirts in the UK since day one – and at nearly 4 years, and over 700 items later with no major design changes, it’s time to partner up with them again to kick off a new style!

Available for pre-order soon, we will be launching our Gen2 Drill Shirt!

These will be a looser, more forgiving fit than our existing drill shirts, and they will be available in a women’s cut! Customizable with your nickname as always.

and if you’re looking for something lighter weight and lower cost, we will be offering our embroidered logo on a tech T and new, a tech tank! These will not be customizable.

Pre-orders will start soon – watch the store, or our Facebook group for timing and pricing information in the coming week.

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New Schwag

Schwag update!

Akuma shirts are with Jess, and while many of us had the chance to pick them up on Friday at GoRuck – the remaining shirts will see the inside of the Post Office today. As usual, they look awesome. As usual, Jess is owed her beverage of choice at the next race for co-ordinating, processing and handling this rather large order for the team!

Yes, there will be another shirt order. No, we don’t know when. There will be a casual shirt order before that happens, so keep your eyes peeled on the community page!

However, there are other options to show your Spahten pride with a 1″ silicon wrist band – or a magnet for your car / fridge / steel plated skull. go check the “Team Gear” menu. We’ve also integrated PayPal buttons for check out – you can pay with credit directly now, and no PayPal requirements!

1" Silicon bands
1″ Silicon bands

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Reebok OCR shoes – recap

Update – due to a very polite request from the manufacturer, we’ve removed the images from this article. The shoes pictures were pre-production models, and while the photos were found in the public domain, they aren’t representative of the final product.



A few days ago, an Instagram photo from chief Weeple Dave showed us our first glimpse of the now infamous “Hobie Shoe”. It was a very aggressive looking racing flat shoe, with a medium tread and what looked like a little support in the arch, with some rope grips.

<image removed>

It looked great – but clearly designed for the fast, elite racer in mind – there’s little support, little padding – it’s just a bare bones shoe, and if you look at the lacing, it was clearly unfinished (or *really* minimal!)

Three more models are starting to pop up.

Firstly – also on instagram from Mr Huckle – we have a neon and black sneak that looks like a fairly normal sneaker, with a good level of grip, also “Duraride” branding on the arch (which also looks perfectly suited to the ropes), and duragrip branding on the toe protection. Overall though, his has a much bulkier look to it, and I would expect this shoe to be targetted more to the mass market of trail running, or new racer. This is certainly not a minimalist or “fast” shoe. It does look like it has a similar, medium level of grip.

<image removed>

Two more shoes popped up from another Spartan racer on one of the facebook groups dedicated to Spartan, and look to be two entirely different shoes again.

Firstly, we have a blue and yellow and red shoe that appears to sit somewhere in the middle of the others – this has a neat looking speedlacing system, the same rope grips, but was reported as having a fairly firm feel to the foot. The toe box looks protected, and has an interesting skid plate to it, and another good level of grip … it’s hard to say if the upper is mesh, and will drain well – it looks like it’s close to the other two shoes.

<image removed>

Lastly, we have what looks to be the casual, non race version of all of the above.

<image removed>


This shoe looks to be the least like a “race” shoe, and more like a traditional off roader. A much more substantial upper, that looks padded and apart from a space above the toes, it doesn’t look like it will drain as well, and the mid sole and sole look a lot less suited to running through mud, and more like it’s only ever going to see grass, and maybe a little bit of gravel … no rope grips, and doesn’t look like much flexibility.


So there you have it – four new offerings from Reebok showing up in the Obstacle Course Racing world – indicating these are the future of the Reebok range in the Spartan World. Love these particular shoes or not – you can’t deny that Reebok are doing it right – we’ve got minimalist, super light shoes with aggressive tread, through to heavy duty “weekend warrior” shoes in distinctive designs and styles. I for one am happy to see the rope grips appear, as this is somewhere Inov-8 has lacked, and is likely straight from the world of Crossfit, where rope climbing is fairly standard.


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Shirt orders are GO!


Do you want to be as cool as Batman?

Only one way to do it. Get a New England Spahten Drill shirt.

For this run, we will be getting drill shirts, tech shirts and hats. How do you get this cool, crazy awesome stuff? Got questions?

You have until February 15th, and if you haven’t sent payment by then, you are out of this order.

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Winter Webinar

Over the weekend, the Spahtens were lucky enough to be able to meet up, and get some knowledge, advice and first hand experience from James – who has extensive knowledge about winter weather survival. Uniquely, this was both a face to face meeting, and hosted online – so many folks who made the drive to central MA got the benefit of being able to hold and try the gear, but even if you joined us live, you could still ask questions and participate.

Of course – not everyone is able to join live, so we’ve been able to upload a recording of the event for you to check out.

Following the webinar, we then hit the snowy back yard and ran through some PT, heavy stuff carrying, tire drags … a bunch of fun!

You can find many more photos here


I think it’s safe to say that any time Spahtens get together, we have a damn good time, and yesterday was no exception. We have plans for more of these educational / informative webinars, so keep an eye on the Community group – and as always, if you have questions or suggestions, you know where to find us!

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Casual T Shirt order being placed!

You’ve clamored, we’ve heard. Time to order new shirts. We get it. Stop shouting, already :p

This time, we’re ordering casual shirts that will be comfortable enough to wear with your favorite jeans on the weekend, but technical enough you can wear them to the gym or box.

We’ve gone for a simple design (huge thanks to Mike McKenzie for this!), big and bold on the front, and available in multiple colors. Also – Women’s fit! Hooded T’s!

These shirts are sourced and produced locally, right here in New England, so turn around times and shipping costs will be minimal – as a result, the first order will be open until Friday the 18th of January – but there will be follow up orders if you miss this.

All the details and ordering can be found right here:

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Shirt Order Update

There certainly has been a lot of chatter about shirts -specifically the Akuma Drill Shirts!

Here is the plan:

We are aiming for the next order to open in February, for 3-4 weeks. This will give us enough lead time to get the order placed, fulfilled, and distributed on or before Jungle Cup!

In the interim, we will be organizing an order for some casual shirts that will be affordable and have a quicker turn-around.

Stay tuned for more details on either (or both) orders.

We really appreciate all the enthusiasm!