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DandyCase Waterproof Case

I have a bad habit of taking my phone places I shouldn’t.  I like to take it out in the kayak, tubing down the river, out in the rain, all places that if I wasn’t super careful I could ruin my phone.  With two different events on my horizon, the first being the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury along with a Hurricane Heat, the second being PaddlePower, a two day kayak down the Connecticut River. I wanted something that would protect my phone, that would also allow me to use the camera, Instagram, and Twitter.  After some searching on and reading of reviews, I decided upon the DandyCase Waterproof Case.

When the case came, I followed the directions and put a paper towel in the case and submerged it fully in the sink.  After drying the case of completely, I inspected the paper towel and it was bone dry.  Perfect.  Fast forward a few days and I was at the Spartan Sprint and ready for my Hurricane Heat.  Into the case went my phone and into my backpack went the case.  After 3 hours of sweat, water, and mud, I was pulling the case back out. My phone was bone dry, I was able to leave it in the case to take photos, send some text messages, everything I asked for.  This coming weekend is PaddlePower and I will be taking it out on the water.  Can’t wait!

Sporting the DandyCase in between the Hurricane Heat and the Team Heat. 
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SPI Belt

I started running 3 years ago, following a couch to 5k program.  I had downloaded an app for my phone that would tell me when to walk and when to run.  Carrying it on an outdoor run sucked. I hated the arm bands, I didn’t like wearing my Camelbak just because I wanted to carry my phone, and I really didn’t like carrying it in my bra.
As I was running more and more this year having signed up for the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury, I wanted something to hold my phone while running.  I had seen on other blogs a type of band that would hold your keys and phone, I don’t remember what it was called.  This band didn’t look like it would work well with my current body type.
I found a different belt that had a small pouch much like the fanny pack of my childhood.  This belt was just big enough for a phone, a key, and ID.  It was called a SPI Belt and seemed perfect.  I hemmed and hawed and spent several weeks debating the purchase.  Finally I took the plunge and purchased one. I went with the peace sign design and couldn’t be happier with it.
I have worn the belt hiking, running, walking, bike riding, tubing down the river, it stays in place, is comfortable, most of the time I don’t know I am wearing it.  I even wore the belt under my clothes out to the bar to hold my ID, money, and cards.  I wasn’t needing to constantly check my pocket or carry a bag.   You can even get a waterproof pouch to fit inside the pocket.

I highly recommend a SPI Belt for everyone who runs, hikes, walks, and is generally active.


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camel bak – lobo

the camelbak lobo comes with a 100 oz bladder and also has 3 storage compartments ( 2 zippered and one just a pouch ) that i think works perfect for OCR. the 100 oz is more than enough fluid you will need you any race and the storage areas give you a perfect place to store any energy treats or anything else you may want to carry for your trek. it has a minimal profile so it dosent feel to bulky when running and has nice solid padding on the back area to make it more comfortable for runs. i only have two complaints about this unit one is the shoulder straps could use a little more padding to soften the stress it puts on your shoulders when running with 100oz if fluid and second there is no cap for the mouth nozzle ( but one can be purchases seperatly from or any other site ) and that is a critical must for me in the mud runs you want to try and keep that area as clean as you can. i know some people perfer osprey but i have yet to use there gear and can not speak for it but for the $80.00 price tag of the lobo i think its a great starter hydro pack


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SPI Belt

I bought a SPI Belt about a year ago, after constantly borrowing one. This is a *great* piece of running gear. It’s an extremely lightweight belt that can hold a phone while you run. It used to hold my Razr and keys quite nicely. It takes an iPhone well, but I’ve not tried with keys recently. It is also very fast drying and can go through the laundry.

SPI Belts have an insane array of colors and patterns to choose from, so you are almost certain to find one to catch your eye. They are also extremely adjustable, making this a great buy for couples or families to share. Check them out here:

I highly recommend this product