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RIP Zombie Charge. Welcome Heart Challenge!

logoIt’s always sad when a race ends it’s run. Zombie Charge recently announced that they would be closing shop in 2016, having sold their assets to a new owner, based in Texas. As a result, the new owner doesn’t want to take on a New England race at such short notice.

It’s a nice way for them to exit the industry – being able to sell their brand on means the brand survives, the owners get some pay out, full refunds are being offered and ultimately, no one is screwed over.

10703930_499645776841518_9183629398207770869_nTo soften the blow for people who were hoping for more miles and more laps in #racelocal, two races have stepped up to the plate:

Samurai Sprint has deepend their discount for NES members to $30 off, giving you a $49 ticket price. This is held the same day as Zombie Charge (and many were going to try and hit both events anyway!)

PrintThe Heart Challenge – owned by the New England branch of the American Heart Association, and employing our good friend Fred Smith of Smithfest Events as their Course Director – they will be held two weeks after the Zombie Charge date, and are offering a team discount, and multiple laps. This family friendly event will be a blast – and a newcomer to the #racelocal Grand Prix!

11130495_681020575354205_1173332544034910407_oCheck them both out – and maybe we’ll see Zombie Charge come back to New England in 2017?

Thanks for the memories, Zombie Charge!!

(Full details on both Samurai Sprint and The Heart Challenge can be found in their events pages – join our community and click “events” to find more!)


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Episode 6 – Lynn Hall of BoldrDash

Lynn visits the studio to talk about BoldrDash, and it’s new Winter offering coming up early March 2016 – we also discuss how a regional OCR handles fits in to the current drive for the OCR industry to go professional. And we tease Rhode Islanders a bit ūüôā

Check out their race schedule, right here:

Audio only

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Behind the scenes of #racelocal

rl medal#racelocal is our “run our awesome local OCR scene – earn a bunch of swag” annual event – now in its third year.

In year one – it was me. I bugged the ever living crap out of a bunch of people as I went along (you know who you are – thank you!)

Year two, I dragged my wife along for the ride, and by the end of the season, Beth had picked up all the data logging, tracking and validation – as you logged your results, she made that information into something that made sense. Erick Coleman managed a ton of the social media and Facebook updating too – both took huge workloads off my shoulders!

This year is year three – we’ve already grown a bunch over last year, with 120 registrations for the 2016 #racelocal program before we even finished our first event – and people were registering for the Grand Prix while onsite at Blizzard Blast!

So, who’s involved this year?

Me – of course. I couldn’t give it up!
Beth – she doesn’t get off that lucky ūüėČ

This year we’re getting backup ūüôā

Erick Coleman – Erick has been a rock solid source of advice and perspective since the middle of 2015 – and he has a background in social media management, marketing – so if you see a post from Eric, pay attention, he’s trying to get some #racelocal info in front of you ūüôā Fun tip – if you’ve been getting our mailing list recently, all credit goes to Erick!

Sandy Rhee – No introduction needed, Momma Hen keeps everyone straight, pointed in the right direction and with our heads on straight. She’s instrumental in getting gear in your hands on race day, keeping us on track for ordering the right quantities, and keeping us sane.

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Who is ready to race?

The warm sun, the gentle breeze, the mud; cooling off in the water after tackling a grueling course in the heat of the summer.  Congratulating yourself for a race well run with an iced cold beer.

Boy, it’s going to be amazing when race season comes back around!

Except, around these parts, we didn’t get the memo of race season requiring warm sun and a gentle breeze. ¬†On Sunday, January 31st the 2016 #racelocal Grand Prix kicks off in earnest with Blizzard Blast!

BB tree

When you sign up for Blizzard blast, make sure you use the following team name: NE Spahtens. We’ve got your hook up for 15% off, at check out pop in NES15. ¬†Boom, saving cake! ¬†We’ll be rolling in one of three waves, 12:30, 12:45 and 1:00. Right now, until this Friday (1/8) the price is $64. ¬†$64!!!! ¬†I mean, holy ___. ¬†A kickin’ race, amaze-ball obstacles, more fun than a barrel of monkeys on a sled in a blizzard, and a medal you won’t want to take off!

#racelocal 2016 is the year we get the whole family involved!  Do you have kids who have always wanted to run with you?

BB kegsThe minimum age for this one is 14.  If you think you have what it takes to keep up with your super star, make sure they are signed up as well!

Blizzard Blast has some of the most innovative, challenging, and fun obstacles you’ll find…on top of the fact that it’s an OCR in the winter. ¬†I mean, right?!? ¬†Let that sink in for a minute. You don’t have to wait until spring or summer, and your kids get to run with you.

It’s time to get serious, and it’s time to race, and it’s time to get the family involved!

Have you registered for the 2016 #racelocal yet? ¬†Have you seen the 2016 medal? ¬†Ooooooh, ¬†you haven’t?

rl medal


Those eyes, tho. Right?!

Your first race gets you this badass medal. ¬†And, here is the thing…every year this happens after Blizzard Blast:

Pictures of the event get posted and people get massive FOMO. ¬†“Those obstacles look super cool, why didn’t I know about that race?” ¬†Then the pictures of people’s medals start hitting on line…

Don’t be left out.

#racelocal. ¬†Blizzard Blast. ¬†It all starts…now.


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Endurance Society 2016


Please welcome Andy and Jack to the #racelocal 2016 season! I personally am very excited about this as I have been a fan of their races for a while. For those not familiar with the Endurance Society, here’s a bit about them from their website:

The Endurance Society is an organization that is dedicated to providing extraordinary physical and psychological adventures to the endurance community.

‚ÄčCo-founded in 2014 by Andy Weinberg and Jack Cary, the mission of The Endurance Society is twofold: To create unique, life-changing, and mind-blowing experiences for adventure enthusiasts, and to utilize our members for community involvement.

They have just opened their 2016 membership drive with some new levels this year: a $19, $49 and $99 membership levels, with different swag offers and different levels of discounts to events. They have also partnered up with Rob Butler of Shale Hill as well as Killington for ski passes, Fuego Y Agua, and many more ski resorts, outdoor outfitters and endurance events. Check the ES website for all the partners and discounts.

Can’t wait to see you all up at Frigus for the first ES #racelocal event!!

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Robb McCoy joins Bone Frog Challenge

#racelocal and the New England OCR scene just got a little bit more awesome.

11073578_834434089963608_275746813643007483_oWe’re excited to be the first to announce that Robb McCoy, evil mastermind behind FIT Challenge Рis joining the Bone Frog Challenge team as a Race Co-Ordinator for their expanding 2016 season!

What does this mean?

FIT Challenge is going no where!

Robb is still the owner and operator of one of the best short course OCR‚Äôs in the region, and it still operates independently – but along side his duties as ‚ÄúChief Bicep Officer‚ÄĚ of FIT, he will now also be working along side the Bone Frog Challenge crew, leading their road crew as they expand down the east coast in 2016.

The decision to bring Robb onto the Bone Frog team was easy. He is an incredible asset to any OCR and his involvement in Bone Frog’s growth will be instrumental in bringing us to the next level. His first hand knowledge of obstacles as well as OCR operations is where we will be utilizing his skills. We could not be more proud to welcome him into the Bone Frog family” – Brian Carney

With races already announced for Carolina Adventure World, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia Рand of course the annual return to the best mountain in Western MA РBerkshire East Рand more to be announced РBone Frog is growing, and doing it the best way this industry knows Рorganically and with the best people in the sport involved.

I couldn’t be more excited to join Brian and the Bone Frog team. Aside from the absolute top notch events Bonefrog produces, their values as an organization are second to none. I’m honored to be a part of their expansion as a company and can’t wait to get on that mountain in May!” – Robb McCoy

(oh, and there are some other well known names from our local community joining his team, such as Scott Sweeney, already volunteer co-ordinator at FIT, will be the new Bone Frog Challenge volunteer co-ordinator- another superb choice).

Congratulations to everyone Рwe think this is an awesome move Рand #racelocal is only going to be even better, as a result!

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#racelocal 2016 registration is now available!

2016racelocal#racelocal is a program we’ve operated for two years now – and it has one goal:

We aim to motivate and inspire Obstacle Course Race enthusiasts to run locally owned and operated events around New England.

We have a wealth of fantastic events – with new events showing up every year, and existing events improving and growing every year. So many people miss out, because the marketing budget doesn’t match the big boys, or because they simply aren’t sure how to find the great ones.

So, we’re here to help.

Every single event on the 2016 #racelocal calendar has held races before, and received good to great reviews.
We’ve got events that are easy, family friendly events – and events that are brutal, multi-hour endurance events.

Truly, there’s something for everyone.

We motivate you by giving you awards as you go – from shirts, to medals, to coins, to jackets and more. The more races you complete, the more miles you complete – the more awards you receive. It’s pretty sweet.

Registration for adults is $35, and registration for kids is just $20.

Thats right – kids! Many races allow younger kids and young adults to participate, so we’re going to award them too – check it out.

The program grew like crazy in 2015, and we’ve still got some fun tricks up our sleeves for 2016 – get registered today!

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#racelocal 2015

12244422_942301992524814_6583319000350732022_oA week ago, I had the distinct pleasure of standing in front of many New England Spahtens with a microphone and award prizes to the winners of the #racelocal 2015 Grand Prix at the finale event, FIT Challenge!

It’s been a busy, long – but fulfilling and rewarding year – putting together the Grand Prix can take up many hours – sourcing, designing, buying, delivering and mailing out swag – gathering results and getting them into a legible format for you to analyze and scrutinize. You may know my wife, Beth, took on the lion’s share of the number crunching, and I was proud to share the stage with her at FIT while we rewarded those who ran longest, fastest and most frequently in the Grand Prix circuit.

We had two competitions –

Competitive: We took your quickest laps, assigned points as compared to other #racelocal runners, and awarded cash prizes to the fastest three men and women.

Mileage: Sponsored by the amazing Wreck Bag, we counted all official and logged laps – and the most miles won. Originally starting out with just a prize for top male and female – the event was SO popular, we added second and third place prizes!

Fun tip: We have covered a grand total of 5491 in the Wreck Bag Mileage Challenge, which is the distance between Boston and Bali, Cameroon!


And those winners are,

Competitive Male:

  • 1st place: Stephen Mello, 63 points
  • 2nd place: Chris “Flux” Hoey, 62 points
  • 3rd place: Stephen Rodericks, 59 points

Competitive Female:

  • 1st place: Nicole Roberts, 81 points
  • 2nd place, Sara Norman, 69 points
  • 3rd place, Nicole Leonard, 61 points

Mileage Male:

  • 1st place: Stephen Mello, 160 miles
  • 2nd place: Stephen Rodericks, 139 miles
  • 3rd place: Sean Gifford, 138 miles

Mileage Female:

  • 1st place: Sara Norman, 150¬†miles
  • 2nd place: Nicole Roberts, 131 miles
  • 3rd place: Kortney McKenzie, 118 miles

Interested in seeing how you placed?

Overall listings:

Official GP Miles
Official GP Points

(note: up until Thanksgiving, people can still log their finishes and may move up or down the final standings. If you haven’t already logged your finishes, you need to do so ASAP!)

2016 will be opening up for registration soon – with more races, more challenges and much more chance to get involved – watch this space!

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The Kids Are In The Game!

Benson Bear

Soon, the 2016 #racelocal Grand Prix will be on us. ¬†Walls will be climbed, heavy things carried, miles will be run, mountains will be scaled. ¬†There are medals to be earned. ¬†One of the items we are very excited, and very proud, to announce about ~this year’s~ 2016 Grand Prix is it’s not just for *you* any longer.

It’s time to get the kids into the game!

A few early details for you: Some races will have a minimum age requirement, some will not.  Some will have a minimum age requirement, and require the child to run with their parent.  But this year your children are going to have the ability to run, crawl, jump, get muddy, and #racelocal right along with you! FULL details are coming very soon!

MaAlong with the registration information, there will be information about how to register your child for #racelocal as well. ¬†While you are earning swag for your races, so will your child (or children). Oh, wait…you didn’t think we’d save all the cool stuff for the big kids, did you? ¬†Oh, no…we have a lot of very cool things lined up just for the kids division! ¬†The more they race, the more they earn!

What could be better than spending the day together, racing, and earning cool swag? ¬†That’s what we thought, too…nothing! ¬†Which is why we’ve put this whole thing (and prizes) together!

Racing should be able to combine all of your passions together, and now it can.  We told you the 2016 #racelocal was going to be bigger and better than ever, and we mean it.

Now, look Рmedals and prizes are fantastic, we all enjoy earning them.  We have all crossed a finish line with friends, our battle buddies. Imagine taking on a race with your family! Helping each other on the course, building memories as you finish the race together; those would be memories which would stay with you, and your family members, forever!  Ultimately this is the big goal, to bring us all together.  #racelocal #strongertogether


We hope you have questions, and we hope you’re as excited as we are! Keep your eyes peeled, more information will be coming soon! ¬†All questions will be answered soon!

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#racelocal 2016 – Prizes and bribes …

The entire goal of #racelocal is to get you to think outside the big chain series, and try the local guys.

localIt’s worth it – I believe they put on events that are as good, if not better for many reasons. I also realize no one will simply take my word for it, and well, we have to get you to try something new somehow.

So we incentivize you. We bribe you. We reward you.

In 2016, those rewards will come in two ways …

As always, we’ll be rewarding you for completing races. The more races you complete, the more swag, gear and prizes you’ll get. Everyone from previous years can tell you how cool it is to get random #racelocal swag in the mail ūüôā

The race completion looks like this (for now!)

Race #3 – Medal
Race #5 – Patch and Cap
Race #10 – T Shirt
Race #15 – Hoodie

We will also be introducing a wrist band program – the more races you earn, the more exclusive your bands become. More information to come …

Air-Miles-logoLast year, the biggest success was our Wreck Bag¬†Mileage Challenge. Who knew you crazies would like to run around in circles so much! This was such a big hit, we’re going to focus on it – and will be dropping our competitive division in favor of having an even more awesome #racelocal Mileage Challenge.

Every 25 miles, you’ll earn a #racelocal Grand Prix Poker Chip.
At 50 miles, you’ll get a Mileage Challenge T to rock
At 100 miles, you’ll be a member of the Century Club, and get an exclusive jacket that will never be for sale, and some other treats.
Can you hit 200 miles? I’m betting no one can. Prove me wrong?

We’re not done – this is just to get things rolling, and get you interested.

With Blizzard Blast, Polar Bear and Frigus launching the 2016 season in some pretty awesome style, this coming years Grand Prix is once again showcasing the best of the local race scene – and like all local businesses, they need support if we want to keep them around.