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Ep 79 – Adrian Bijanada Announces New Race Format Coming to OCRWC 2019 / Spartan Trail Series

It’s been a busy news week in obstacle course racing, so it’s time for a recap.

Adrian Bijanada joins Josh on the show to discuss OCRWC’s newly announced race format. Josh also covers Spartan’s announcement from Spartan about their new Trail Series event, as well as predictions on the US National Series dates and venues, and a preview of the Iceland Ultra World Championship and Jon Albon’s shot at $1 Million dollars of Joe De Sena’s money.

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Ep77 – GIVEAWAY Alert – Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Bone Frog & More…

The NE Spahtens Show has a new sponsor. And to celebrate we’re giving away something that EVERY OCR athlete needs come race day! You’ll have to listen to find out (that’s called a tease, and I am not ashamed to admit it).

Josh is taking the reigns tonight, talking about Spartan Race’s recent bevvy of announcements heading in to the 2019 season. Tough Mudder takes a “Classic” look at their events. And boy that escalated quickly – there was a man on fire, and Bone Frog has a Trident (Yep – Ron Burgundy quotes too. It’s midnight, I’m a little loopy writing the show notes).

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Ep75: It’s been a while …

It’s been a while since our last show … with all this sunshine happening, we got carried away and went outside!

As a result, we’ve got lots to talk about! Josh is in a boot! Josh runs lots of Spartan Races! Josh ignores his doctor! Sandy tells rude jokes! Sandy talks about Dynamic Dirt Challenge and Tough Mudder / Toughest and Savage Race! Shale Hell was amazing and Shale Hill is closing 🙁 Paul did … nothing!

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Ep74: Ragnar Relay on the Cape, Spartan Sprint – and special guest, Desiree!

On this episode, we’re fresh from 2 days in a van on Cape Cod, and Spartan held another Sprint at Rutland. With special guest, Roxie the Aussie (and her mom!), we look at both races from a fresh perspective.

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Ep73: Josh drops a bombshell!

Along with Josh’s bombshell announcement (ahem), we also discuss the 2018 Citi Field Spartan event, FIT X, the new burpee penalty adjustment. We cover some troubles as Tough Mudder tries to please everyone, we sing our praises for Akuma, and talk about whats coming up in the May time frame. 

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Enjoy the show!

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Ep72: The episode where we have no plan …

On this show, we arrive with no agenda, and possibly some audio problems! But, we still get to chat about the races we’ve already hit, call Josh a wimp, and look to the Ragnar Relay season! 

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Ep70: Polar Bear Challenge recap, Tough Mudder and more!

This show, the gang gets back together to recap the Polar Bear Challenge at Shale Hill, and run over some of Tough Mudders new 2018 features!

Enjoy the show!

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