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WOW 5-12-14

After completing the joint mobility routine, set your interval timer for 30 rounds of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. Now complete 5 rounds of this superset circuit. Be sure to bring on the intensity! Maintain killer form and make it count! Every rep is important and intensity is key. Crank some fast music, stay with the beat and bring it! Once you are done, hit some form of cardio for 15-20 minutes!


1 Sidepress

2 Squat Thrust

3 Super Plank

4 Hip bridge

5 Ninja Squat

6 V-Up Roll Up

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Is there a Warrior within you?

I came across an interesting bit while researching ancient warfare.  It seems the author attributed the naming of the month of March to the beginning of the campaign season.  Being that armies could now ford rivers and would begin marching toward fields of battle.  It is also observed that most fighting was done in the summer months and curtailed by the fall in time for harvest. Of course there are numerous historical battles that would be in stark contrast to this.  However none of this is to my point.

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ~Heraclitus

When you head out into your training you certainly should never consider yourself part of that bottom 10%.  Because you are here, at the precipice.  In the ring of your own Agoge.  If you belong in that 10% quit now and save everyone the trouble of listening to you whine.  But you are not of that ilk.  No you are not.

Perhaps you feel you are merely a target.  And perhaps you are.  You feel slow and weak.  Tired and alone.  But you aren’t.  Because you are here.  Through discipline you will become stronger and faster.  You will become a moving target.  A moving target is hard to hit.  Through courage and tenacity you will engage your challenges.  Targets do not engage.  Once you have decided to face your challenge, looked it in the eye and not cowered away, then you have become one of the nine, a real fighter.  You needn’t be the fastest, or the strongest.  What you need to do is to hold the line.  To move forward.  The power of the Spartan Phalanx was never it’s strongest soldier.  NO the strength of a phalanx was it’s weakest soldier.  If he breaks all is lost.  BUT if he can hold on, stand his ground, and inch forward in the face of certain failure oh the tides of war he can change!

In that soldier is the Warrior, the weakest link.  The one who chose discipline over bravado.  The one who did what was asked  of him and did it without seeking glory.  There my friends is your 1%.  There is your warrior.  And he will bring the others back!

Being a warrior is about courage, discipline, and commitment.  Honor, sacrifice and integrity.  Being a warrior is doing what you said you would do, because you said you would.  Not doing it for honors and accolades though they may be bestowed.  Being a warrior is doing it for the personal satisfaction of a job well done.

Go out and train.  Run miles.  Good miles.  Suffer through bad miles.  Walking miles if you must.  Do good exercises with good form.  1 good pushup will always always beat 10 half assed ones.  Said a great man once “It took me 6 weeks to do 100 good push-ups.”  Yes said his Trainer but look over at him.  When you started he could do 100 bad push-ups to your 10 good ones. And in that same time he can still only do 100 bad push-ups.

Do not be a target be a fighter.  Use your discipline and your desire to become a Warrior.  Bring the others back.

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WOW 5-5-14


After completing the joint mobility routine, set your interval timer for 16 rounds of 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest. Proceed to do the 1st couplet. You will alternate between each exercise doing the first then the second until you have done each one 8 times for a total of 16 sets. Make sure you really bring the intensity on these. Maintain good form but get your reps in! 20 seconds is not long so you really have to move in order to get in some decent reps. Make sure you get at least 6 reps minimum of each movement for each round! BRING IT! 
* Alternate sides each set for the side crunch (4 per side total).


Wide Push Up

Jumping Jacks




Air Squats



Side Crunch



After completing this WOW hit the road or even better, the trail and do a 20-30 minute jog.


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Ripping people off couches

“Ripping people off the couch.” ~Joe Desena

“When we started this band all we needed, needed was a laugh.” ~ Vince Neil.

Ripping people off of a couch and making better humans was an original idea.  It was not “throw people into a race and create uber-athletes.  In point of fact, making athletes is no where in that statement.  Give people a struggle and they will rise to it, run from it, or keep doggedly at it until they can over come it.  Keeping doggedly at it for better or worse was what people who really got Spartan Race understood.  Determination to succeed.  Progress in spite of failure.

So, what happened?  Before the voices clamored Olympics and the pundits called foul at obstacles people ran obstacle course races primarily for one of 2 reasons:  Mud or beer, and that was fine.  Subset to those reasons were a sense of community, a judgment free environment, and oddly enough simply for fun.  Remember fun?  The challenges were either difficult or silly.  But in the end it was fun.  So much so that you told your friends about it.

So what happened? Races got longer, obstacles became more difficult,  people got faster.  Races became widely popular.  Obstacle Course Racing became a “Boom-Town”.  The gold rush was on and like any run on a good thing so came the ancillary industries.  Media outlets, outfitters specializing in niche items, communities.  And of course “The Experts”.  The experts on everything.  Over night every one had an opinion.  Snake oil salesmen on every corner.  “If you can’t drive a nail into a wooden shaft, I’ll sell it to you fully assembled!”  “You need to do this, to do that.”  “That race is child’s play son!  Prove you’re a man and do this race, it was designed by a Navy Seal don’t you know.”  The list is endless, everyone is cashing in.

So what happened?  When we were ripping people off couches, or not “running” races but doing “event’s” we encouraged everyone.  We “aspired to inspire” as I have seen the terms used.  We said “I can do this” without having any shred of confidence we could.  And we did do it.  We did it not because we had the confidence to do it but because others inspired us to.  Because someone told us “I won’t let you fail.”  We helped “Rip people off couches.”

So what happened?  The most hurtful thing I have ever seen written was by a very good friend of mine.  He is one of the experts.  No sarcasm, he is truly an expert.  There probably is not one single person who has more access to OCR information than him.  When he suggested that “There are a ton of less competitive, less “rules” driven OCRs out there that first timers, burpee haters and such can hit up if they need to.”  I knew the party was over.  Yes the context of the statement was specific to an event, but the sentiment is universal.  And he is not alone.  The culture of the industry has changed, and this is the way of the future.

So what happens next?  A good teacher teaches without the students realizing the lesson.  In the end the student is endowed with knowledge and the teacher satisfied with accomplishment.  Lao-Tsu  tells us “When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!'”  I feel that anyone who has gone on to their second and more obstacle race, learned the lesson.  They have been “ripped” off the couch.  I have witnessed sedentary people do a Spartan Race and within a year run a road marathon.  I have watched someone who can’t climb a rope, join a gym and shed 100 pounds.  I have seen the most timid woman shake violently at a Sprint starting gate in the Spring, only to gnash her teeth in the chute of the Beasts starting line in the Fall screaming “Come and get them!!”  All of this because they either got it in their mind to change, or someone told them “You can do it.” But it’s an elite class system now, and the gap is widening between the tiers.

So what happens next?  Do you say “look out fatty”, “out of my way pokey”, “do all your burpees cheater!” or do you teach the lesson.  Do you aspire to inspire.  I have never once heard a top finisher say that their time was slowed because someone skipped an obstacle or dropped a burpee.  But it never was about finishing first in the first place.  It was about ripping people off couches.  Now it seems it’s ok for some people to do the ripping as long as we don’t put those people in the way of the “real” Spartan Racers.  Sad really.  This isn’t about standardizing or maintaining etiquette.  It’s about getting people to move. To be better.  It is about a process that we all are involved in.  Some of us are further along that journey than others.  Some are still in the physical transformation stage.  Some are developing the emotional stage.  These journeys however are personal.  If you are crippled by someone else’s journey and the way they navigate it, you are not as far along your own journey as you think.

What happens next is a mystery.  Experts and prognosticators alike are just as in the dark as anyone else.  Follow your own path.  When the path leads you in a unintended direction you must either  maintain the course or correct the course.  Be careful in your corrections however.   You may find the course, though divergent, was the correct one all along.

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WOW 4/28/2014

This weeks WOW is an AMRAP, meaning As Many Rounds As Possible!  Keep the intensity throughout but dont lose your form!  Form is ALWAYS KING!  Print this worksheet,and fill it in with the following movements:

  1. Burpee
  2. In and outs
  3. One Leg Glute Bridge

Simple!  You’ve got this! 😉

Now after you are done, hit the trails.  It’s nearly SUMMER!  THANK GOD!!!!  Remember the winter we had?  Go enjoy the outdoors!  AROO!!!!

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WOW 4/14/2014

This weeks WOW is a 2 part wow.  Grab some water and a towel.  Print your worksheet and fill it in with the following exerciese:


  1. Marching plank
  2. In and outs
  3. Mason Twist
  4. Scissor Kicks


  1. Arm Circles
  2. Tricep Dips
  3. Super Man
  4. Jump Squat
  5. Bear Crawl
  6. One Leg Squats (alternate each time you do them NOT every rep)

Now go out and get your cardio in.  Perhaps you take out your bicycle today?  If not, go for a run and enjoy the outside!

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WOW 4/7/2014

This week’s WOW is self paced.  It’s up to you to dig deep and push yourself to get this done as quickly as SAFELY possible.  NEVER sacrifice form for speed.  Print this weeks worksheet, put on your favorite Spahten shirt and get ready to sweat! Fill in the worksheet with the following movements:

  1. Plank w/shoulder touch
  2. Hip Bridge
  3. Alt Bicycle Press
  4. Plank w/Kick Through
  5. Inch Worm

Done?  Great job!  Finish this WOW off with a nice relaxing jog.  Get out and enjoy Spring!

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WOW 3/31/2014

This week’s WOW involves Tabata Couplets.  You will need to use an interval timer.  If you do not have one, go here.  Print out the worksheet and fill in the following movements:

Round 1

  1. Split Jumps
  2. Push up

Round 2

  1. Speed Skater
  2. Mountain Climber

Round 3

  1. Jump Tuck
  2. Plank w/kick through


Finish off today’s wow with an enjoyable cool down run (20-30 minutes).