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WOW 5-26-14

After doing joint mobility, set a timer and get ready to WORK! This workout is a “for time” workout meaning you should try to get through it as quickly as possible. You will only go through each exercise one time. Once you are done 50 reps, you are done. Proceed to the next exercise and keep going until you are finished. Keep track of your overall time!

1 Table Top Push Up x50

2 Hip bridge x50

3 Squat Thrust x50

4 Super Plank x50

5 Side Press x50 ea side

6 Split Jumps x50 ea side


If you feel you want added challenge, GREAT! do this routine 2x through!  Aroo!

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WOW 5-19-2014

This workout is Tabata (20s work / 10s rest). You will do 2 groups of exercises, one after the other 8 times each (as a super set). Do the first exercise in Round 1 for 20s, then rest 10s. While resting you are getting ready to start the 2nd exercise of that round. You will promptly start exercise 2 after your 10s of rest. Once you have done exercise 2 for 20s you will rest 10s and get ready to start all over again with the first exercise. Once you have done each exercise 8 times, Round 1 is completed. This will take 8 minutes to complete round 1. You will then repeat this exact process for round 2 with the next group of exercises. Once completed 8 minutes of round 2, proceed to round 3. 

Try to maintain the same number of reps you get the first time through each round throughout the round. 

For your best experience, print or write down the movements and have them handy so you know what to do next



Mountain Climbers

Knee Up Sit Up



Lunge w/Leg raise

Push Up



Box Jump

Scissor Kick


Great job!  Now go out and enjoy the weather!  Do something cardiovascular like biking,  joging, walking the dog or even playing with the kids!  AROO!

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Run your own race.

I had some fun the other day.  It was not intended to be at another persons expense.  First let me say that I detest advertising and marketing as a whole.  A very long time ago I saw Mike Barnicle do an editorial where he was painstakingly removing the treads from a logo on a pair of running shorts.  “I purchased the shorts, they are not paying me to advertise for them.”  It’s a bit extreme but it drives my point.  So when I see a famous person associated with a product my gut reaction is “advertising”  and then it is “what is this company trying to sell me?”  Selling is the art of separating you from your money.  Make no mistake, it’s an art and that is exactly what it’s for.  Advertising wants you to put your money in one companies pocket and not another companies.  It’s that simple.

So I had some fun.  I was poking fun at Spartan Race.  My issue was not what they did.  It was not how they did it.  It isn’t even with whom they did it with.  So what were my issues and what was I poking fun at?  Fame, Media saturation, Viral Marketing, and Idolatry. Mostly I was poking fun at culture.  American culture.  Our culture.  We as a nation are media obsessed.  We are awe struck by stardom.  So when a company can capitalize on someone who has achieved fame they will.  This is not something new.  Satirizing it is not something new.

“But but but…”  Awe stick it.  Ms Keys is probably by all accounts a wonderful person.  I don’t know her.  Were I to meet her that would be wonderful.  Because of her vocal talents and the fame that has given her, I too would be a bit starstruck. In my book, for running a Spartan race, she has a check in the awesome column.  But I have weird standards anyway.  My meme was not about her, it never was.  My largest issue was normal people needing to post and repost the fact that a Grammy winning singer ran a race.  Hence “Regale me with the profound significance of this.”  It’s a profound significance to her I am sure.  I hope that medal sits right next to other awards she aptly has earned.  I hope it hangs from her review mirror. (no I don’t because that is a visual impairment and could cause an accident, that goes out to all of you.)  But on that day she was just a normal runner, the race was hers.  She prepared for it.  She ran it.  Alicia, woman, mud runner.

Fame and stardom are wonderful but using a persons notoriety from one thing and then plying that, into something entirely different is silly.  It’s advertising.  It is trying to sell you something.  When the demographics of that celebrity match your target audience, it’s marketing.  Good marketing at that.  Smart marketing.  But we all have within us the ability to do this on our own for ourselves.  We needn’t say “Some famous person did this I should too.” To Spartan is to make a leap.  A leap of confidence, a leap of physical endurance, a leap of faith.  You can bring the Red Carpet with you, but it can’t make you run.

So no.  My meme was not about who was in the picture so much as it was about those who shared it.  To Ms Keys, go be on fire.  Set others alight.  Challenge stereotypes of fame.  If an apology is needed, I sincerely am.


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WOW 12-30-2013

Today’s WOW will build your 5k endurance levels.  Put on your favorite Spahten Training shirt, grab some water and let’s rock this!

Print the worksheet and fill in the following movements:

  1. Bear Crawls (20 feet)
  2. Speed skaters
  3. In and outs
  4. Jump Tuck / Jump Squats (if you need to take it down a notch)
  5. Mountain Climbers
  6. Burpees

If you have the time and energy, finish this off with an easy, 2-3 mile run

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How do I get to Fenway?

This has been a huge topic lately, and hopefully this post will clarify and contain most of the information for those who are curious about where to park, or not park, at Fenway. Most of the Spahten’s that live in Boston say you should not try to park near Fenway, but that is up to you. I know I will be taking the T in, it’s not that daunting either. Maybe, just maybe, some buddies will step up and we can try to travel in together.

The obvious, and probably easiest solution, is to take the public transit, aka “The T”. Most parking garages are going to be way less $$ wise as well. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to hop from line to line, ie. taking the red line to the green line, etc. Below I have cut and pasted a couple different snippets from the Red Sox site and the MBTA site to help get you around. I left the links active so you could click through. Hopefully this helps everyone out!

Taken from the Red Sox site

  1. Use the Rapid Transit map at to find out how to connect to the Green Line.
    • If on the Red Line, get off at Park St.
    • If on the Orange Line, get off at Downtown Crossing and follow signs for the Winter Street Concourse to Park St.
    • If on the Blue Line, get off at Gov’t Center*.
    • If on the Silver Line SL1 or SL2, get off at South Station, transfer to the Red Line toward Alewife, then get off at Park St.
    • If on the Silver Line SL4, get off at Chinatown, transfer to the Orange Line toward Oak Grove; then get off at Downtown Crossing and follow signs for the Winter Street Concourse to Park St.
    • If on the Silver Line SL5, get off at Downtown Crossing and follow signs for the Winter Street Concourse to Park St.
  2. Then take the B, C, or D train to Kenmore
    • If on the E train, transfer to a B, C, or D train at Copley, and go to Kenmore.
  3. When exiting the station, follow the signs to Fenway Park, then turn left on Commonwealth Ave, left on Brookline Ave, and Fenway Park is just over the bridge.
Approximate Green Line Ride Times:
  • From North Station: 20 minutes
  • From Haymarket: 17 minutes
  • From Gov’t Center: 15 minutes
  • From Park St: 12 minutes
  • From Boylston: 11 minutes

Plan your trip at Enter Fenway Park as your End destination.

Taken from the MBTA site: 

  • Green Line (Subway Schedule): The Green Line’s Kenmore Square and Fenway Stations are the closest to Fenway Park, and customers can board any B, C, and D-branch trains to travel to Kenmore Square Station. For Fenway Station, customers can board any D-branch train.
  • Commuter Rail (Framingham/Worcester Line Schedule):  Customers can also utilize Yawkey Stationon the Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail Line for service to and from Fenway Park.

Travel to Fenway Park on the Commuter Rail via South Station

  • Once the train arrives at South Station, board the Red Line (Alewife side).
  • Depart from the train at Park Street Station. Park St. is only two stops from South Station.
  • Once you are at Park Street Station, board the Green Line.  Board any B, C, or D-branch Green Line trains and travel to Kenmore Square Station.
  • Fenway Park is less than a half mile from Kenmore Square Station.
  • MBTA station personnel in orange vests will be available to answer any questions and to assist and direct customers on game days.

Park and Take the T

  • Parking is available at many MBTA stations. Before beginning the trip to Fenway, visit the MBTA Parking page for a full list of parking locations and information.

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“We’re all Mad here”

Picture 18

So you want to do an OCR?  And this agonizing thing pops into your mind.  “Why?”  Well. Why not?  Drink the koolaid.  Yes well Papa Jim might have a little more in common with what you are about to do than just alittle cyanide laced grape drink.  Obstacle Course Racing starts on a whim.  “hey me and some of the others from…the gym, the box, church, work, local bar…are thinking of doing this mud run.  Wanna come?”  Yeah sure why not?  Summer is hot, you feel out of shape, or the best shape of your life, and who doesn’t want to play in mud.  So you sign up, watch a few videos.  People are smiling, drinking beer, seems to be very little need for clothing.  Hey why the hell not?  You forget the words “run”.  And so you sweat, and you curse.  You get bruised, cut, tear clothing, twist ankles, face fears and maybe lose a friend or gain a new one.  So. Now you have entered the grounds of the Peoples Temple.  But lets leave Father Jim and think of another place of Madness.  Lets go to Wonderland and see what the tour guide there had to say about his corner of Crazy.

Ladies and Gentleman, big or small, I give you the Cheshire Cat.

Mr Cat what can a person new to obstacle course racing expect?  Should they be worried about injury.  Will they find out new things about themselves?

Cheshire Cat: “Only the insane equate pain with success.”

Um ok comforting… and where should one start?  Does one race matter over another?

Cheshire Cat: “Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.”

What about first timers first times?  Is there anything they really need to know?  Are there places where people will help them?  Does it matter?

Cheshire Cat: “The uninformed must improve their deficit, or die”.

Cryptic.  Ah lets move away from mortality a moment.  How about a bit on hydration if you would.  Suggestions?

Cheshire Cat: Those who say there’s nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the nerves never had *real* tea. It’s like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the heart!

Ok then moving on.  Races.  Is it a one and done thing?  Do you think people will become so transformed that it becomes part of there persona?

Cheshire Cat: “Only a few find the way, some don’t recognize it when they do – some… don’t ever want to.”

Deep very deep.  What do you say to those who do only try it once and hang it up.  Then they go back to their sedentary life styles?

Cheshire Cat: “I’ve never trusted toadstools, but I suppose some must have their good points.”

And to the racers who find a home in OCR.  What do you say to them.  How far should they go?  Ultra Beast, WTM, Death Race, Ultra Marathons?

Cheshire Cat: “Let your *need* guide your behavior. *Supress* your instinct to lead… Pursue the Rabbit! ”

So should someone just dive in?  Are there introductory races?  Spartan Race has Sprint, Super, Beast and Ultra Beast levels.  Superhero Scramble has the Charger, Intimidator and Villain.  Any thoughts?

Cheshire Cat: “The proper order of things is often a mystery to me. You, too? ”

So no insight just wing it huh?  Not a lot of help are you?

Cheshire Cat: “I’m afraid I have to expel a rather ferocious hairball. You’re on your own.”

Lovely.  Well it has been splendid chatting with you.  I think I’ll wrap this up any final words of wisdom for our readers”

Cheshire Cat: “Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry. But if a ferret were about to dart up my dress, I’d run.”

And there you have it readers whether its Guyana, Wonderland or in the World of OCR we’re all a little mad.

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WOW 7-22-13

Ok, this week we rock out CrossFit style!  This bodyweight wod is no joke.  If you are thinking you want to do a run, you may want to do it first.  Your legs will certainly thank you for doing it BEFORE you do this WOW.  Grab some water and a towel.  Put on your big boy/girl britches and lets do this!


Either 5 rounds for time (as fast as possible), or 5 rounds with 3:00 rest between each round:

20 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Air Squats