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Community Review: Hylete WOD Shorts

Community Review by Michael Downey

Just got my first pair of shorts from Hylete, a company we recently got an email about and get a decent discount on. The only negative thing I can say about them is they only come in two main colors, black and gun metal grey.

The shorts size wise run a tad snug. The Reebok shorts that Spartan Race sells, I wear an XL and its a tiny bit snug but roomy enough, but for these based on their size chart, I decided to go XXL. I am glad I did. I think if I went XL it would have been to tight and restricting, so depending on how you like to wear your shorts, if you like em nice and snug go with your true size. If you like a lil room go one size up. For sizes XL and under they offer two lengths normal and above the knee.

These shorts also come with a nice little feature in the string area. They have a hole with a plastic coating so you can easily choose to keep the string on the outside of the shorts or have it on the inside.

Another great feature is TWO zippered pockets high on each hip. The pocket is large enough for me to fit my Nokia 920 phone inside an otter box case and zip up. This is one of the bigger phones out there to give you an idea of the room. I took a quick jog on the treadmill with my phone in the pocket, with headphones in them, and it felt quiet comfortable and not a lot of bouncing around of the phone. One feature I would have liked to see would be to have the zipper stop short and leave a 1/4″ gap at one end so you could snake through a headphone cord and not have it get snagged. I plan to give these a spin at MuckFest this weekend and see how they handle in the water.

They are a bit on the pricey side, they show a list price of $70.00 before you sign up and log in. If your signed up with our team you get them down to $56.00 but they also have starter kits and you can get a few pieces for a better price. So I think that if version 3.0 of the shorts they can make that small change to the zipper and maybe offer more base colors these will be golden!

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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