Civilian Military Combine

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  1. Communication – Considering they were coming back, I think ti was relatively strong. They had email, Facebook posts and even Youtube videos. Here is why I think it lacked a little bit and for these reasons, I could not give them a higher rating.
    1. When I called and emailed to confirm my starting time, they had not emailed me r even knew I had registered back when it was first announced. I found that weird considering I never received email confirming my time or day of information until i contacted them about 10 days prior.
    2. When the parking is not at the venue, that should be a special comment and be well known. Although I knew, some people on my bus did not know that and they must have missed it.
    3. Lastly, and this may be a “me” thing there was confusion about the kettle bell swing. Although it was an American swing, locking arms some of the videos promoted by CMC did not show that.
    For those 3 reasons, I could not give a higher rating but otherwise really good.

    Venue and Festival – The venue is a Fort. Come on how can you do any better? It is a freaking fort. However, it is difficult to get to and because it is a fort, you have to park away from the venue. That is fine. The festival was good. The bag check was a little hard to find and the finisher shirts were also difficult to find. They had good vendors, bathrooms that were accessible. I know there was food for sale. I was in a hurry to leave so I am not sure exactly what was for sale. I saw water in the festival area but that was it. Again, it is an active and live Fort.

    Course and Obstacles –
    First there is the Pit. In their first event, they were behind. It was about 30 minutes behind and that is understandable. They did not enough judges in the PIT and that was an issue personally or me as I got sent in and pulled out because of not enough judges. Also, i saw judges judging differently and that can be frustrating as things would not be consistent. Everyone does their best so no major complaints.

    The course was tough and well done. There were walls, carries (sand and a body), there was a mud crawl and a little water, there was two rigs that includes climbing, rings and monkey bars and all kinds of fun stuff that makes obstacles fun. None were basically impossible and none were “too easy”. It was also 95 degrees and mostly on asphalt and grass without the ability to do much damage to the grounds. There were some obstacles I had not done before and some with some new twists. Really really good job,

    Swag and Awards – GREAT medal. The shirt was pretty simple. If there was something about the shirt that mad fit stand out, it would have been a 10. Awesome job.

    Overall….welcome back CMC and great job to you!!!

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