Cupids Undie Run

“Cupid’s Undie Run is a mile(ish) run in your bedroom-best on Valentine’s weekend. No, we’re not crazy, we’re just crazy serious about raising money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation.”

Community Review 2014

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  1. This was an event that when I saw it last year, I absolutely refused to even to think about running anything in my undewear in front of people! That is crazy.

    Well, I got over myself. And you should too. Here’s why:

    This is a barely 1 mile run through and around Fenway, which we know happens to be one of the coolest areas to have a party around, and the whole point is to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Every dollar raised goes straight to this foundation. If you think jiggly thighs, a little bit of muffin top, stretch marks, OR WHATEVER has kept you away in the past, is more important than finding a cure for NF, then get over yourself. Seriously.

    All that aside, this was a blast from start to finish. Seeing as I had raised over $250, I qualified for VIP. This means I had a separate entrance into the House of Blues, which had absolutely no wait. From arrival time to bag check in to the floor, all under 5 minutes (and 3 of those minutes were spent undressing). The swag was sweet; undies, long socks, and glasses! Entering the HoB main floor, EVERYONE was already stripped down to their underwear and having an amazing time. There were two cash bars on the main floor, and the VIP bar was upstairs. VIP got open bar from 12-3:30, so it is DEFINITELY worth raising the money (again, all for a good cause)! The DJ was playing great music and this was the most genuine fun I’ve had out for a race.

    The run itself was incredibly short. I heard roughly a half mile. I do wish this was a bit longer, however, I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to shepherd 200+ drunk fellas even that far. We ran out of the HoB and went left on Landsdowne to Yawkee, where we eventually headed into Fenway, up into the bleachers (where photo ops were encouraged; Paul and I got a wonderful picture together), then back out to Landsdowne where you ended up back in front of the HoB. It was such a wonderfully unseasonably warm day that we spent some extra time outside goofing around, taking way more photos than ever necessary, and doing push-ups.

    Overall it was a REALLY STINKING AWESOME day. All fun aside, its for a really good and really serious cause. I can’t think of one single reason why any person in this group or any person, shouldn’t come do this run next year.

    If you think anything like this is hard, remember, clothes are easy to put on and take off. Get comfortable in your body. At least you’re healthy. Use that health to help kids who aren’t.

  2. So, going into this “race”, I was extremely anxious about showing up in front of hundreds of people, in my undies, at Fenway. I was literally 10 minutes from meeting my ride, and was still unsure if I would turn around and go home, or woman-up and get over myself.

    So glad I stripped down and got my fun on!

    This was a great event. From start to finish, I had a blast. The atmosphere was one of fun and was definitely a judgment-free zone. People of all shapes and sizes were getting there fun on for a great cause.

    Bag check was simple, especially if you were a VIP (hit $250 or more on fundraising). We got to the door, grabbed our swag, dropped our bags, and headed to the bar – because VIPs also earned open bar for a few hours.
    My only complaint about the bar was that maybe they could have had one more bartender on, and that goes for the downstairs bar as well. There was never a lack of patrons, usually 2 or 3 deep around the whole bar.

    The run itself was an interesting experience. The volunteers were all great and kept us on course, and out of harms way with the traffic. And while I know this wasn’t for time or distance, I feel like a run that was touted as 1 mile-ish, should have hit a little closer to the mile mark. I felt like it wasn’t even a 1/2 mile…but that could be the open bar talking ;).

    Overall, this is an event I will continue to take part in over and over, for as long as there is a need to continue it. The most fun I’ve had in a very long time!

  3. Cupids Undie Run isn’t an OCR or a race, there’s no obstacles and you’re not timed – but I’ll be back there every year I can.

    Cupids is a charity mile run in Boston (through Fenway), leaving the House of Blues – a new 2016 venue – and meandering your way through Fenway Park, the bleachers, the concourse and the streets around it until you’re back at the HOB.

    In your underpants.

    Now – first things first – if you’re at all self conscious about running around in your underwear, get over it. Seriously. You can wear as little or as much as you’re comfortable doing, and NO ONE CARES IF YOUR THIGHS JIGGLE. No one.

    Second – this raises money directly for the Childrens Tumor Foundation, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to raise quite a good amount of $ – $7.5k in 2016, good enough for fourth place (we were third, but got pipped at the last minute). Nicely done to everyone who raised money!

    Lastly – if you’re coming to this event for the running, you’re doing it wrong. Get $250 raised for the open bar, show up early, drop your pants and have fun!

    I ran into some logistical issues this year in picking up my swag – I didn’t get the underpants – but thats small fry – I had a BLAST with the best people – in a pink LED tutu. Can’t beat that for a fun Saturday out!

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