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  1. Ran in 2015 as my first OCR ever and in 2016. Both years it happened to be a cold and overcast day, and Muckfest has quite a few water obstacles, so it was not a pleasant run either time. Not the fault of the organizers, though I was very grateful they had delayed the 2016 run til May this year. No issues parking though I agree with a previous reviewer who said that there were detours but no instructional signs until you could basically see the course. Lines for bib pickup, bag check went pleasantly fast and the changing tents were an unexpected bonus – yay privacy while changing before and after. The emcee was the same for both years and made the wait for our wave fun and dirty. Obstacles were very similar between the two years that I attended though there were a couple that I don’t remember between the years. In 2015 the wait was so long on several obstacles that I skipped them – was very bummed about skipping the Crash Pad, but I was so cold and soaked by that point I didn’t want a 30 minute wait for 2 seconds of an obstacle – this year the lines were much better but still ended up waiting 5-10 min at several obstacles (finally got ot do the Crash Pad though, yay!). There are some good hilly bits and a water stop in the middle of the course, and if you like trail running you’ll like this course. The non-advertised obstacles are pretty typical tunnels and cargo nets.
    After we finished and used the changing tents (yay), we headed to the festival, which provided a free ‘meal’ and a beer, but the line was 30+ people long and by then we just wanted to warm up and leave, so ended up giving away our drink and food tickets to some grateful college kids. Getting out was fast and easy. Did get a T shirt both years but not sure when I’d ever wear it again.
    Overall I like this event and do MS fundraising every year, but I don’t know if I’d go back. This will make me sound truly wimpy, but I wish I could buy an entry ticket dependent on the weather because if it’s not sunny and warm it’s really not that much fun. i will probably try again next year but skip it if the weather is not cooperative – at least i know the money will go to a good cause.

  2. I ran Muckfest in 2013, and enjoyed the event thoroughly – great beginner obstacles, some fun unique obstacles, and a 5k or 5mile course option. Weather was great, team had a great tent, atmosphere was good. The T Shirts were mailed later, which sucked, and I rarely wore it as it was an odd fit.

    I ran again in 2014, and the same obstacles were there, with little to no changes. The course was now untimed and 5k only, which sucked, and there were no t shirts. No medals either year, either. Sucky weather meant the festival was no fun.

    Didn’t go back in 2015 or 2016. Unless you have a tie to the charity, or are looking for a fun course for a beginner, or it’s your first Muckfest and you have a good crowd – it won’t be on my radar.

  3. Getting to the actual venue was a bit challenging as there were detours and road closures in the area with no signs pointing the way, until you were so close you didn’t need signs.
    The changing rooms were a nice touch and having a bag check over just a key check was a nice addition since I did this event last. Muckfest has some of the most fun obstacles, but there were numerous 10-15 minute backups. If this event was for profit, I’d literally being screaming bloody murder while writing this review. As it is for charity suffice to say, be prepared to enjoy some conversation while you wait. The obstacles themselves are sturdy and well built, really not challenging but fun.
    I might do this event again, but I will not sign up as early. I will wait to see what else might be offered that weekend.
    Free Beer. All I have to say to that is:Reinheitsgebot

  4. The move from April to mid-May paid off big time – we had beautiful weather for the Saturday race. Much better than previous years.

    That high score for venue and festival is pretty much for having 30-40 individual pop-up tent changing rooms. So nice for changing in. They did have all the standard stuff, and parking and bag check were free. They lose half a point because the location of the showers led to a ton of water in the area near the bag check and port a pots. Fine after the race but I’d rather not deal with soaked shoes before I even start.

    So, about the race itself… On the plus side, this race is for a great cause and has an incredible energy from all the teams. And the obstacles are unique and so much fun (the zip line and the swing you jump off of into the water are my favorites). It’s a fantastic beginner course. But there was a massive problem with backups (this was also true last year). The 5k-ish course took us two hours to complete. The crash pad jump had a 20-25 minute wait, two other obstacles had at least 15 minute waits, and there were more smaller delays. It was nice weather, but all the standing around took a lot of the fun out of the race.

    I’m not sure if I’ll sign up for this one again next year.

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