OCR World Championships

The OCR World Championships is the first truly independent global championship for the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Course Racing. It is a singular, agnostic event created to unify, promote, and increase participation in the sport of OCR while celebrating its amazing athletes and community.


Featured Review


Featured Review

12 thoughts on “OCR World Championships

  1. There was good communication on the changes that were being made due to poor conditions. This showed they really cared about the competitors safety.

    The venue was too notch! A lot of great vendors were in the mix.

    The course had a great mix of obstacles, as someone who ran both Journeymen heats, the 15k was a complete BEAST in the rain. I found a hidden obstacle that I called “the waterslide” headed down the mountain, in the dark, in the pouring rain! It was probably my favorite, not sure I’d recommend it as a permanent obstacle for future races.

    The awards were awesome! I appreciate them communicating the issue with the lack of 3k medals and what they were doing to correct it.

    Overall, I loved the atmosphere and meeting people from our group as well as all over the world! It’s an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime!

  2. I tried to give all 10s, but couldn’t quite hit the right spot on the slider for it. Everything about this race was top notch. As a Journeywoman, I thought the obstacles were a great mix of “standards” and innovative new stuff and also technical vs. strength. The festival area could not be beat and I’m hopeful they’ll return next year. The OCRWC team wanted feedback during and after the race which shows their commitment to providing a quality event. I will be back again next year!

  3. Last year I said in my review, “it’s hard to imagine a better course or race”. The only thing better than last year race was this year race. The course, the obstacles and the venue were all better. There was more “challenging” obstacles many of us had not gotten to do before. Again the distance was great with a good mix of trials through the woods, some tough hills and great mix of obstacles.
    The Friday short course (3k) was loaded with obstacles mostly around the festival area which was so much fun as well. Plus everyone got to see almost the entire pro’s race, up close. It was like nothing I have seen before. The crowd was running from obstacle to obstacle as they followed along with the Pros.
    The venue was best thing I’ve experienced at a race. It was like an Olympic village loaded with athletes all over and the finish was in the middle of the resort. You could easily walk to your rooms, shops, out to eat and never have to drive anyplace. No matter what you did or went, you were always very near the festival and race course. After racing on Saturday we sat outside at a restaurant and watched so many others race by and cross the finish line. They also had an athlete lounge area to get dressed and prepared before and after the race that was limited to just the athletes with bag check all inside.
    Also I said it last year, nothing better than that atmosphere at this event. Watching and racing with 2,000-3,000 others who all do and love OCR as much as you do and seeing all the people you run into at other events all together in one place. Was so fun to see so many friends and make new ones. I will never miss this event.

  4. Communication – 9.5
    Great communication before and up the day of the event. Loved how you could print and complete waiver beforehand to save time.

    Venue & festival – 10
    This is where I cannot find one place to improve on. The event was smack in the middle of a venue which provided restaurants, shops and places to stay. I stayed at the Blue Mountain Inn which ended up being a condo across the street from the venue. A quick 5 minute work and you were in the middle of the action. The area also provided a great viewing area for spectators at most of the signature obstacles. I really hope they have it at the same location next year.

    Course & Obstacles – 9.5
    Although it wasn’t on a mountain like Killington or even Palmerton, they used a lot of the terrain to go up and down the mountain without being overused. Obstacles were great, and required a lot of grip strength and agility. My favorites were platinum rig 1, platinum rig 2 (mini) I was there for about 40 min because retry lane was so long but hey that’s my fault for not completing it the first time, stairway to heaven (devil’s steps) took me 2 times after falling 10 ft from the top on my back during the transition, warped wall to nunchuck (2 times to get that one), F5 and my favorite of the race which was Urban Sky (maybe because Paul and Sara were there ;)). Next year I’d like to bring most of the obstacles back but I would recommend some of the obstacles they talked about bringing but that mini rig is a must, that was a band killer for sure.

    Finally the send off for the 40-44 men’s age wave was very emotional. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out on youtube.

    Swag & Awards – 10
    Medal awesome, athlete badge great, swag to buy…. yeah my credit card company is happy that I went lol

    The best event I have ever participated in and can’t wait to be back next year!

  5. I couldn’t run this race, but I was there.

    and, it was amazing. Can’t say enough good things.

  6. Everything about these races was as awesome as Paul said they would be. Reg, swag, course, obstacles, venue, pictures all excellent.

    Staying in a house with Spahtens? Priceless. Support, help and fun.

    If I had to dig deep for a “con” I can only say it was unfair to make everyone use 50# wreck bags. I think the kids and women (non-elite and pro) should get a break.

  7. They nailed it. Put this race on your calendar for next yr. Qualify age group so you can finish before the sun goes down. Ran 3K , 15 obstacles, and 15 K , 48. Obstacles. The cameraderie was like a giant NES race. The challenges were appropriate on both a physical and mental level. Strategy was key, economy of motion,more so than physical strngth, in most cases. Obstacles were represented from multiple race series.. The 3 K had the samurai rig, which took many bands I’m sure and wasn’t included on the second day. Platinum rig configuration was changed between day 1 and 2. Platinum rig 2was evil but doable, thanks to a vid by platinum rig dom.Skull Valley was reconfigured to be more user friendly but bad left shoulder forced me to modify technique. Other highlights for me were floating walls, stairway to heaven , dead end races half pipe and Urban Sky, which I think for me was the most fun. Finally had Poutine, in the Irish Bar after. Hopefully back at same venue next yr

  8. This was an honor to attend. To stand beside some amazing people and athletes from around the world was a humbling experience. From check in to leaving the venue, I was in a constant state of AMAZING.

    I would recommend this experience to everyone. Don’t over think it. Go! Compete! Embrace!

    The best part was I did this journey with my battle buddy and some great New England Spahtens.

  9. I had planned on doing this race after I heard how good it was in 2014. I was not disappointed. This course was just about the perfect blend of running and obstacles. There were many hills, although not too long like Killington. There were also river crossings (waist deep), stream beds, and regular trail running. There was 53 obstacles, many of which I have never tried. I love obstacles. (I have 26 in my backyard.) I mean why else do we run OCR? And I Iove the concept that you need to complete the obstacle to keep your band, there is no burpee penalty option.

    I like the unique obstacles such as the Destroyer and Dragon’s Back, both very cool. I love hanging obstacles like the Monkey Bars, the Rig, and Skull Valley. And there were fun obstacles like Tight Rope Crossing and the Giant Water Slide. I feel like I’m being repetitive, but the obstacles were great.

    I would like to see a better festival area. I wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I know this is only the second year of OCRWC, and that it’s not even close to the same size as Spartan and Tough Mudder, but hopefully it will improve.

    On a side note, I dislocated my elbow 3 weeks prior to this race. I’ve been planning on attending this for almost a year, and have been training for this race. My doctor told me not to race, and my wife didn’t want me to race. But I did. And when I saw my doctor the week after the race I had to brag a little. I showed him my finisher medal, and my band that I kept. I completed all the obstacles.

  10. This was one of the best events I’ve ever attended. Difficult beyond my imagination but incredibly fun.

  11. Hard to imagine a better course, was a good distance, running in trial and through the woods, hilly course (but not a mountain) and great mix of obstacles. The course had about every obstacle you could think of, almost any obstacle you’ve run into before was there. There was hard challenging obstacles and fun obstacles. The course was hard enough to be challenging but not so hard or long you’d be stuck out there all day long.
    However, nothing better than that atmosphere at this event. Watching up close the best OCR races in the world and then racing with 1600-1800 others who all do and love OCR as much as you do and seeing all the people you run into at other events all together in one place. Ran into so many friends and made new ones. I don’t care where this event is next year; I don’t ever want to miss it.

  12. I’m going to have much more to say in a featured review to follow – but this is likely to become one of my favorite events of the 2015 calendar. Full stop. End of story.

    Ass was handed to me, I’m left with feelings of “I should have done more” – and I want to register for 2016 as soon as possible.

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