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  1. I stumbled upon this race two years ago in 2015. Every year they manage to add/delete obstacles while keeping some of their signature obstacles to keep it unique so you want to return again and again. The main reason I ran it the first year was because two of my best friends moved to Maine and always wanted me to come visit. This gave me a great excuse to take advantage of visiting my friends who do not run races at all While sneaking in an OCR while being that far north. Win win situation.
    Communication: I received numerous emails providing all the info needed to run this race with out an issue. They included updates on course changes, videos, where free bag drop was, lodging info, and food at the venue. You name it they covered it.
    Venue/festival:. I didn’t take advantage of the full weekend activities because I stayed with friends but they have a crazy welcome party the night before the race. They have a party down by the Start Line from 6-9? after bib pick up called the Big Ass Bash which is suitable for all ages with live music from all genres. They also offer lodging on the mountain starting at 99$ Day of the race they send a wave of 100 people off every ten min staring at 8 am last wave goes at 2 pm. Cameras set up everywhere in the course to catch you when you least expect it. All kinds of food in the festival area reasonably priced. A few places to buy beer of course and you have full use of the ski lodge for whatever you need. Bib pick up is quick and effortless. There are two places to actually shower outside with cold water of course but still pretty nice. You can change in the bathrooms or the changing tents they set up. They also have tickets available for the gondola for spectators plus a full zip line course and disc golf open all weekend.
    Course/obstacles: you have to be comfortable with being wet 90% of the time during this race. I don’t want to give away too much but you should be able to swim a little bit. They have lifeguards everywhere but it helps tho should not turn you off from doing the race. It was roughly about 4-4.2 miles up and down Sunday River with a death march and I believe 20+ obstacles no less. Lot’s of mud. You also get to shotgun a bud or budlight (optional) at some point in the race, they have a station for that. Water stations are minimal but plenty of people ran with no hydration packs and were fine. You start sorry and you finish dirty.
    Swag & Awards: something new this year for all you medal whores they added a finisher medal. I believe top three get their own Belt Buckle. If you are a person who keeps your bib they actually customize it with your first name. You also get a nice quality Under Armor finisher tee.
    This race sells out every year quick. They sold 600 entries by 11am the day after the race and they open registration only an hour before that. Get on it!!

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