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  1. Suffice it to say, but i absolutely agree with everyone’s comments from above…complete fiasco, so utterly disappointing…watching volunteers texting while giving some directions…like really???…only Ray of sunshine? Cool medal!

  2. Even with all the problems the others have stated it was a better race than last years. I really hope they can get more volunteers next year and or mark the course better.

  3. Very disappointed about the whole venue. Advertisements were claiming 22 obstacles, I can really only remember about 5 or 6 and they weren’t really obstacles at all. It looked like the course was not completed. No sense of direction at all when you come in.

    Running the race the volunteers were all on their phones I was in first in my wave and ended up doing obstacles I wasn’t suppose to do until coming back and running in the wrong direction because there was no one there or sines or anything.

    I hate to sound so negative about the race but I’ll end it on a good note the shirt is pretty cool.

  4. Rather than dragging this review out, let’s just say I echo the comments in the above reviews. Had this course been better staffed and marked, I would have given a glowing review.

  5. This race left me feeling mislead and disappointed in the lack of obstacles. Their website touted having 20+ obstacles. There was maybe 10 and only one (rope climb) that was advertised on their website. Their specialty obstacle, “Poseidon’s Rogue Wave” a 150ft water slide was no where to be found. The only water obstacle that I completed was taking a quick dip in the ocean that was optional to participants. It’s my understanding that a couple of obstacles were shut down due to safety.

    The course was poorly marked and I found myself on 3 occasions wondering which way to go. The wreck bag obstacle was definitely under utilized and easily missed. I considered many of their obstacles to be a joke and didn’t feel the love of effort in providing quality obstacles. Their website states their crew had been hard at work creating obstacles we would love and remember for years to come. BS!! Another obstacle was to walk over 2 picnic tables – really?? Another joke.

    There was no penalty for failing or skipping obstacles.

    Not to speak for them but 2 of my friends were the only participants in the 1230 wave. The staff had already taken down the timing machine so they were not properly timed. A stop watch was used for them. The volunteers ended up running with them and also got lost. They only completed about 5 obstacles.

    It’s unfortunate as I was extremely excited prior to this race but left feeling cheated.

    I ran this OCR for the obstacles that were promised not for the beautiful scenery and swag gifts that were given. It’s unfortunate as this race has the potential to be something great. Due to all the above I will not be a retuning participant next year.

  6. I was very excited to run this race this year, as I wasn’t able to run it last year. Pictures from the event looked awesome and the medals looked amazing, so I made sure I planned for it this year.

    The email said to be there an hour and a half before your wave. I got there 45 mins before and still was maybe the 20th car in the parking lot. They had volunteers on the road, but you had to ask them where to park as you entered the park, no waving or anything. Once I was parked, I walked the venue area, no one was able to direct me to where the registration tent was. I did eventually find the registration table, was registered with no problem, but I did have to ask where the start line was as it wasn’t very obvious.

    I was registered for the 915 wave, but didn’t start until 945 due to “the DJ didn’t show up and they had to adjust the course.” Once we started, you crawled under some bungee cord, then through a wall then a cinder block carry as it was sponsored by a junk removal company, I liked the concept, may turn it into a small obstacle course while carrying the cinder block.

    Then you ran about 1/2 a mile to a pipe structure set up like stairs, then a wall climb. After those you had t bear crawl under some netting then wade across a stream. Here is were there was miscommunication, instead of going straight across, many people entered the water, then went under the bridge to a rope that meant to be an obstacle as you come back towards the end of the race. I honestly like the concept of these water obstacles, as hot and humid as it was, these are a must if you only have one water station. I ran a second lap and the water obtacles were closed, you were directed over a the bridge.

    Once you exited the water, it was a small jog to a quick climb over some picnic tables and the rope climb. After those you ran towards a trail and quick bear crawl, then about 3/4 mile trail run to the beach. When I approached the beach, the obstacle was to fill a bucket with water and climb a lifeguard stand type structure and dump your water in box structure on the top. Again, good concept, but as the water was being dumped, it was making the 2×4’s very slippery causing a safety issue. This was pointed out and a volunteer said to grab a bucket and run around the structure. I honestly would love to see some sort of bucket carry in the water to help cool you off.

    Once you cleared the beach, you started along a bike path where they had the water station, little past mile two according to my garmin. You continued along the bike path where a volunteer directed you along a different path. Now here is where it could get confusing, you had to turn left into a field where a wreck bag course was set up. They had 20, 50 and 70 lb wreck bags. You could’ve easily missed it if you were paying attention. When you were done with the wreck bag, you ran down a hill towards an inverted wall climb that wasn’t the sturdies and the steps on the back side were 3.5 to 4 feet apart, which could be tough for shorter runners.

    You began the run back to the festival area, this is where you should’ve gotten back in water to cool off, but they had closed it. One more wall climb and it was a sprint to the finish.

    The medal was really nice as was the t-shirt. Another advantage was running a second lap for free.

    Overall it was more of a mix of path and trail running with the occasional obstacle thrown in. This race has the potential to be amazing, especially with the water obstacles. More volunteers are needed as there was a lot of misscomunication as to where the race path really was.

    I’d be willing to give it another shot next year, but they need to incorporate the water more, especially if the heat and humidity was going to be a factor and only one water stop.

  7. This race has so much potential with the awesome location, timing, and marketing, and after reading the featured reviews from last year I decided to give it a try assuming they would resolve last year’s issues.

    Unfortunately, no. The words hot mess come to mind to describe this race.

    Pre-event emails came out instructing us to be there 1.5 hours early, but did not include an address. Maybe because I am not a Rhode Island native, I did not know how to get there, so I had to google the address for the park. And while it is not a huge park, it would have been nice to give us an idea of where we were meeting.

    They did at least have signs up at the park entrance, but volunteers directing to parking really weren’t using hand motions or directing people so I was thoroughly confused. Watched person in front of me pass the parking lot.

    Finally got there…had no idea how to get to registration. Mind you, I was like, no way on 1.5 hours early. I got there an hour early and I was the 10th car in the lot. Start and finish line were not up, but once I asked I found registration and it was open. Zero wait.

    I had heard there was a bag check, but was told later there was not. Ironically after the race a fellow spahten pointed out a sign right near where we left our stuff saying free bag check.

    We had a 9:15 start time. Well, just like last year they weren’t ready. Story we heard was the dj didn’t show up…anyway. Elite racers and 9 am wave went off around 925 I would guess. We waited and finally got to go at 945…so 30 minutes late.

    We were mis-directed by volunteers less than a mile in and did the water crossing on the rope side, which I guess was actually the side you took when coming back to the finish line. The current was strong and on our trip back when we should have crossed here, that obstacle was closed. Quite a bummer. Glad we experienced it, but later runners did not. I heard someone complaining that they did not have a lifeguard or kayaker for safety. I don’t know how deep it was as I opted to float /swim across, but I suspect over my head.

    Passed another volunteer on her phone at a pivotal point where we needed some guidance on the direction to go. She wasn’t helpful. Watched an elite runner yell to her for help, get misdirected, then run back and yell at her to get off her phone and help him…yikes for elite racers. That poor guy definitely lost a good chunk of time and it could have been prevented.

    Confusion and mis direction seemed to be a theme. Things were not marked well, leaving runners guessing. Several obstacles had no volunteers.

    I deemed one obstacle that involved filling a bucket with water from the ocean, climbing wooden ladder steps, and dumping it into and overhead bin too unsafe to attempt. I have never skipped an obstacle for safety concerns until today, but it was 2x4s that were wet and slippery, spaced pretty far apart, and the whole structure was wobbling. I watched 2 people slip and almost take a header while in line and opted to dump the water over my head and ran ahead to look for a volunteer. Found a group of 3 right before the water table and I expressed my concerns. Told them they needed a volunteer there immediately and it wasn’t safe and should be shut down. As I was talking to them someone else caught up and said the wood was cracking. I heard they closed it after that and just did a bucket carry and I am seriously thankful they did because someone would have gotten hurt.

    Farther up we watched a bunch of runners completely miss the wreck bag carry due to confusing markings and no volunteer at the wreck obstacle to draw people in (and the volunteer down the hill at the inverted wall wasn’t helping either despite being in view). My friend and I decided to essentially double back based on how the markings were to do the carry and others followed us.

    The inverted wall was kind of scary too on the backside. Definitely not the type of contruction I am used to. Would not be surprised to hear if it broke or someone got hurt by later in the day.

    Then back to the finish. Was disappointed the water crossing was closed.

    Only one water stop stound mile 3. Was glad for the heat I wore a hydration pack.

    Overall not challenging obstacles by any means and the quality of the obstacles needs improvement. I did see one new one I liked that had suspended pipe like structures in a stair step pattern. That one I did enjoy and it was done well, but other than that, less than impressed.

    Maybe they needed more volunteers or volunteers needed to be more vocal, but there was definitely lots of confusion and misdirection. I would love to hear how the elite wave went since there were a couple big names there.

    On a positive note, the swag was awesome. Super nice medal and nice quality shirt.

    Festival area had a couple fun activities, but we didn’t stick around. Honestly I had planned to, but after the frustration on the course, I did not want to hang around.

    Was nice that there were real bathrooms and showers on site for the beach goers that we could use. Changing areas too.

    Overall, I was really disappointed. With the location, this race could be awesome. They could use the terrain far better to have some creative, challenging obstacles. The obstacles also need some better construction so they are more solidly built. Finally, given that issues from last year appear not to have been learned from, I do not think I will be back next year….if they are even back next year.

    I would probably only reconsider doing this race in the future if they get a year or two of positive reviews, otherwise I am all set. The marketing is great, but the product just is not living up to the experience they are portraying.

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