United States OCR Championships

The U.S. Obstacle Course Racing Championships is America’s first independent championship event for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. It is a singular event created by a team of race organizers and industry supporters.

2 thoughts on “United States OCR Championships

  1. This was my first event put on by Adrian & Company, 22nd OCR overall.

    The pre-race communication was the best I have experienced in OCR. Not only were there very clear emails about everything, they went above and beyond with posting the heat schedule well in advance and also rule explanations for specific obstacles – something other race brands could learn from.

    Even with all of that, they still did more than adequate rules briefs before every heat – which was also appreciated.

    Venue & Festival
    The venue was super cool – a working ranch in the desert, middle of nowhere. It was rugged to the extreme. They had a solid set up with vendors, podium, viewing areas for marquee obstacles, some shaded spots, because it was really hot. After the 3k, they actually offered a safari, where we got to see numerous exotic animals and feed a giraffe.

    The one thing they could add would be better shower and changing areas, there was one hose, and I changed in a porta potty, not ideal, but no big deal.

    Course & Obstacles
    3k: First half was a fast and flat course with some hurdles, balance logs and other not too difficult things; second half was a crazy gauntlet of tough grip obstacles from many race series including Skull Valley, Battlefrog Rig, Urban Sky and the collest finale: Floating Traverse Walls. It was a really fun course, and a challenge for many – I personally lost my band on urban sky.

    One thing that was awesome, was that the Pros went last, and we were treated to an amazing spectator experience, something that is rare in this sport.

    15k: The running this time incorporated both hills and some scrambling terrain mixed in with a ton of obstacles, many were very difficult, others were easier. Everything from the 3k returned, along with a lot more including another rig (where I lost my band), Stairway to heaven, rope climb, monkey bars and a few heavy carries. The wreck bag carry incorporated walls and tubes – which I thought was a really cool twist. The toughest part was the yoke carry, featuring a log with hanging bags of rocks on both ends was really taxing.

    Swag & Awards
    The medals are great, hefty, cool looking, and they did different colors for each race and the podium spots. The shirts were great as well, though I wish I did not get two of the same one for both races. We also got a race logo hu rag, some supplement samples, a decal, athlete tag and lanyard – so it was a good haul.

    Another thing that was great, was the atmosphere of the whole thing. I got to meet athletes from all over, both top pros and weekend warriors, several hosts of prominent OCR podcasts and even some some race directors. I not only really want to go back, but am inspired to try some of the other races that provided obstacles when/if they come to the northeast.

  2. Adrian and his team have defined this sports premier events with the foundation of OCR WC, and now the US Championshipship.

    Held in Texas at YO Ranch, the 3K Short Course and 15K Courses were both challenging and featured some of the most innovative and challenging obstacles we see all year in OCR. Skull Valley, Indian Mud Runs hanging walls, Rigs to the extreme, and a carry like we have never seen before in any other race (you’ll have to check out the podcast to hear more about this one!)

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