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DandyCase Waterproof Case

I have a bad habit of taking my phone places I shouldn’t.  I like to take it out in the kayak, tubing down the river, out in the rain, all places that if I wasn’t super careful I could ruin my phone.  With two different events on my horizon, the first being the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury along with a Hurricane Heat, the second being PaddlePower, a two day kayak down the Connecticut River. I wanted something that would protect my phone, that would also allow me to use the camera, Instagram, and Twitter.  After some searching on and reading of reviews, I decided upon the DandyCase Waterproof Case.

When the case came, I followed the directions and put a paper towel in the case and submerged it fully in the sink.  After drying the case of completely, I inspected the paper towel and it was bone dry.  Perfect.  Fast forward a few days and I was at the Spartan Sprint and ready for my Hurricane Heat.  Into the case went my phone and into my backpack went the case.  After 3 hours of sweat, water, and mud, I was pulling the case back out. My phone was bone dry, I was able to leave it in the case to take photos, send some text messages, everything I asked for.  This coming weekend is PaddlePower and I will be taking it out on the water.  Can’t wait!

Sporting the DandyCase in between the Hurricane Heat and the Team Heat. 
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