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Darwinism: Living life without a safety net.

“The women signed the waiver acknowledging the risk and agreeing not to hold the chamber, Macerich or the farm liable if they were hurt, but the injuries they sustained went beyond the protection of the waiver, McCormick said. Mud run organizers were negligent by allowing people to go down the slide after the repeated injuries, which is beyond the scope of the waiver, he said.”

So who’s really at fault here?  The race?  The venue?  The volunteers?  Surely it couldn’t be the participants.  Or could it.  News flash it is the participants fault.  Why?  Because your a god damn adult thats why.  But not being a responsible adult is also the reason why coffee cups need a warning that the contents are in fact “hot”.  And why, and I can’t make this up, ice skating rinks have signs warning you that; “Ice is slippery and potentially dangerous.  Proper footwear required when on ice”.

I have seen this written before and it totally represents my feelings on the whole matter “lets take off all the warning labels and let nature thin the herd.”  If you are old enough, and literate enough to read and understand a warning label then you should be able to follow the instructions, understand the consequences of dismissing the warning.  Or, and I get all tingly at the thought of this last one; because you are intelligent and mature enough you don’t need the damn warning in the first place!

So where does this leave us?  Well a waiver is your warning label.  Even if you don’t read the whole thing, and it is your fault if you don’t, the fact that you are asked to sign one should give you some indication that what your about to do is potentially dangerous.

I work as a fire fighter.  I teach fire and occupational safety to grade school children. However when I go to work I feel the need to go and teach “common sense” as a Graduate level course.  Each day I go to injuries and illnesses sustained from the absolute dumbest of things.  Ladders are not legos, you can’t stack them to go higher.  You can’t use a butter knife to get a lightbulb out of a “live” fixture.  And you can’t sue a grocery store because you drank 2 month old milk from your fridge, even when it smelled funny, and then you got sick.  You have to take responsibility for your own safety.  Mommy and Daddy will do the best they can to keep you safe but don’t expect the rest of the world to have that level of interest in your survival. If your going to engage in any activity where a potential for injury is involved try and think like an adult.  Do you have responsibilities?  Could an injury leave you out of work?  Is a tee-shirt worth…well anything?  No one is putting a gun to your head to do every obstacle or any obstacle at all.  I believe each and every one of you who read this, all 5 of you, have at some point come upon something where you asked yourself if the risk was worth the reward.  Sometimes it just isn’t worth it.  It just isn’t.
I leave you with this.

Folks there are two things you didn’t come into this world with at birth:  An instruction manual for your body and a helmet.  Please live accordingly.

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  1. you article was to lng and I sprained my mousey finger scrolling, you will be hearing from my attourney after I sue the school district for not forxcing typing class on me

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