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Death Race Boot Camp.

Maybe you haven’t seen the post on facebook Death Race boot camp.  Maybe you didn’t read my previous blog about it  Tire Guys camps.  Maybe it just got buried under all the other wonderful posts.  Heres the thing.  This Friday Jeff Foster will be running one of the most fun events I have ever participated in.
These are not some just grab a pack and “we’ll throw something together on the fly” events.  For starters on the last one they built a 20ft high scaffold in their front yard for you to scale!  Really who the hell does that?  They do.
These events are designed to challenge you.  They will stress you, work you, exhaust you.  But they are also to teach you.  If you have any questions about what a sample of the Death Race is like but don’t like the $900 price tag ($300 if you sign up the day it opens)  then come do this.  $30.  $30.  Thats just over $1 an hour!  You won’t get an OCR that cheap!

There’s three types of fun:  First is fun to do and fun to talk about.  The second type is not so much fun to do, but lots of fun to talk about.  The third is no fun during or after and you never talk about it.  These Camps are mostly the First type, some times the second type.  But never ever the third.  You will not be disappointed by this.  You will be changed, you will be inspired.  You will never look at any challenge quite the same again.  Whether it’s a race, a wall or simply carrying into your house a months worth of groceries in one trip.  Come down.  Do this.

I should mention I do not work for Jeff or Bruce Foster, Or Gut Check Fitness.  I wish I did, it would make doing these camps a little easier.

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