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Deep Tissue Massage at Healing Tree Yoga Studio

Yesterday, I paid a visit to Healing Tree Yoga in Quincey – and had my first experience of deep tissue massage, at the very capable hands of Joshua Grant – winter Death Race champion, and super nice guy.

I’m writing this review, because I want to encourage all the New England Spahtens dealing with aches, pains, crunchies, tight muscles and the various ailments that afflict the active obstacle course racer to get off your sore, aching butts and go visit him – before the race season kicks off. You won’t regret it.


Back in January, I did a bunch of heavy dead-lifts with poor form. It taught me a lesson and screwed my back up. Healing has been slow and uncomfortable – and cost me my place in the upcoming GoRuck Challenge – I’d had enough. From past (good) experiences with a chiropractor and past (poor) experiences with a traditional doctor – I’m more than happy to try the slightly less beaten path, and having heard great things about deep tissue massage, and knowing Josh practiced it – I setup an appointment and made the long drive to Quincy.

Healing Tree Yoga Studios – as the name suggests – is a yoga studio – but there is at least one large, spacious, warm and comfortable massage studio. We chatted, socialized, talked about the various aches and pains I was having, then another man told me to take my clothes off – but seeing as it was Josh …


We spent an hour crunching tight muscles from my shoulders down to my ankles – deep tissue massage has a reputation for being painful, but honestly – that was not my experience. Josh did tell me he was at around 60% strength though – and he only uses 100% of his strength on one or two people – not sure I’d want to find out what that feels like! There were moments of ouch – when we hit some particularly sensitive spots on my right back, or in my calves – but as the muscles were worked I could feel things loosen, the pain drop – there were odd moments, like when my right hand started tingling, and a feeling of pressure in it as nerves and muscles were worked into the correct places – ultimately though, nothing that made me say “ow” or hop around on the table – we chatted amicably for the whole time.

Ultimately though – even a regular, relaxation massage feels good when you’re on the table – the proof is in how you feel later that day, or the next day, or in a week.

I’m coming on for 24 hours in – and I’m not going to say my back pain has vanished, and rainbows are making pretty loops overhead – but I have more range of motion in my shoulders and hip flexors than I ever remember – with zero crunching or popping (something I didn’t even notice until it had gone) – while my lower back still aches, I’m able to bend and lift at least the weight of my toddler with only mild discomfort- something I couldn’t do earlier this week!


So – are you an athlete? Just an active adult? Got some aches and pains? Go see Josh – let him rub you the right way 🙂





2 thoughts on “Deep Tissue Massage at Healing Tree Yoga Studio

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  2. I'm now a couple of weeks out from this massage, and my back is dramatically improved – much more range of motion, much less stiffness and ache – it's coming along nicely!

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