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dev Blog: 3/20, Almost there for beta!!


It was great seeing some of you at the Fit Challenge Trail race this past weekend! Running four laps certainly told me that I am out of shape and have work to do!!!

I had a huge blocking issue the last few weeks with the front end routes failing to display when a user hits the refresh button on their browser. I ended up re-writing the routing on the front end and the back end and now it is functioning as intended! I’m getting very close to being able to launch a first version.

From the last post, I also completed the following:

1.) adding a race completed to a runner’s profile, now works, currently a runner cannot log an event more than once
2.) calculating points based on laps ran for multilane races, math is coded, proper number of points are calculated
3.) calculating a total runner’s points, doing a simple update to the total points every time a runner logs a race
4.) opening the address link in google maps so you can get navigation to the race, address will redirect to google maps with the destination, you can click directions in google maps to get directions (next year i’m hoping to use native phone functionality and open navigation directly)
5.) Updated the styling and fonts, landed on a final version for how the app will look, spent some time diving into typography and picking two fonts that work well together, made the UI cleaner, simplified the Races page.

This week I am working on the following:

1.) building in an update feature in case runners make a mistake logging laps and need to fix it
2.) Displaying the races logged:
There are three buttons at the top:
Log Out: removes your locally stored profile so you can pass your phone around to your friends and they can log their laps
My Log: will display all the races you have completed and logged for the season
Races: will display all of the available races this season, and allow you to log your laps or the event, which will store it in your profile and display it in the My Log tab.
3.) Profile Button, top right: I will be adding statistics to the runners profile, such as “total miles ran”, “total points”, “number of races”
4.) non-facebook log ins: I need to validate users email addresses

Once I complete these tasks I believe we’ll be ready to do a beta launch pending a meeting with Mr. Paul Jones.

Thanks All!

-Ninja Ben

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