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Dev Blog 4/23 – Almost ready to rock! Come test it~!

Hi Racers! Progress has been slow the last few weeks with the passing of my grandfather amongst other life events. But…been back on the trail this weekend. We’re getting really close! It would be awesome to have you log in and check out the application, try logging some laps, and see if you encounter any issues! I’ve added all the races up to date.

NOTE: LOGGING YOUR LAPS is on the app is not “official” just yet, I’ll likely do many wipes of the database during the rest of development.

Feel free to log in with facebook, or register with an email and check it out. If you are registering with an email, you will need to verify your email address, so check your inbox, and log-out then log back in again.

There are a few annoying bugs that you *may* experience. If you get stuck on a screen where nothing displays, simply navigate back to the app, or refresh the page.

The Fit Challenge St. Paddy’s day run was a multiple lap trail race, this breaks my code at the moment, but I’ll have a fix soon.

Also, feel free to click the “Having Issues?” link, which will open up your email to send an email to me, list your issue there. Any help at this point is muchly appreciated!

I currently do not have a “fix” your logged laps feature just yet. We’re still giving this some thought.

The next few weeks I will be working behind the scenes building Paul Jones an Adminstrator’s portal so he can track who’s run what and if he has shipped swag!



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