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dev blog: Progress Report!!


This is a mobile first application which I am building using the MEAN stack (for those of you out there who are developers). I’d love to hear from you runners any feedback you have!! If you got ideas, feel free to share those as well!! Together we can make this a fantastic application…

Currently Implemented:

Database up and running.
Facebook integration via Auth0 working, runners can log in with their facebook accounts
Runners can also log in with an email/password if they don’t want to use facebook
Logging in with facebook fetches your picture (for the future leaderboard 😉 )
Angular2 UI development under way
Back end server started with initial routes to fetch and create a Spahten’s profile

This week:

Working on authenticating the client with the server (complete 2/20)
Continuing to build out additional back end routes to do things such as:
-fetch the list of races
-store a Spahtens completed races
-calculating a Spahtens point total
UI design and clean up

Here are a few screenshots:

I’ll be posting updates here weekly, stay tuned!

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