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dev blog: Updates!

Howdy Runners! I’m still heavily under way developing the application, the two weeks I’ve logged about 25 hours worth of development time. Building applications is fun, AND a ton of work!

I spent the last few weeks working on:

-the logging routes
-calculating points for races.
-fetch the list of races
-store a Spahtens completed races
-UI design and clean up
-Application build and deployment to Heroku
-testing on actual smart phones

Currently I’m about 90% complete with the beta version and hopefully we will be up and running by this weekend!!

This week I’m focused on a few things:

1.) adding a race completed to a runner’s profile
2.) calculating points based on laps ran for multilap races
3.) calculating a total runner’s points
4.) building in an update feature in case runners make a mistake logging laps and need to fix it
5.) opening the address link in google maps so you can get navigation to the race

I do have the application deployed online and you can currently navigate to it, if you’d like to join a small team of testers, please email me directly at I’d love to have five or so people to routinely jump in and test some features.

That’s all for now!!

Here are a couple of screen grabs:

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