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dev blog: where we are heading!

We’re going to start small…

The Alpha MVP: This is a “mobile first” application, meaning it works best on smart phones. We want this because Runners should be able to log their laps right at the race venue on the most ubiquitous device of all: a smart phone. That means no more waiting until you get in front of a laptop to log your laps!

The application has an integration with Facebook, so runners will log in with their Facebook account. Runners will want to be sure to check the “allow” button when they do this the first time, this allows us to link to the Runner’s Facebook picture. From there Runners will be able to click on your profile, update some information (street address and zip) so we can mail them swag. They’ll also be able to view the available races, submit the number of laps they’ve run, and we’ll calculate and keep track of their points behind the scenes. Runners will be able to view their points on the dashboard. Runners will be able to view the race venues, get information about them (date, time, location) and will be able to click the location and have it open up directions on their phone.

Throughout this year, we’ll be updating with incremental releases. We have tons of ideas…such as:

-a leaderboard with everyone listed, and their picture so Runners can know who their fellow #racelocal runner is (and who they need to beat if they are competing…)!

-include a few swag feature pages, so Runners can view the unlock able swag.

-a feature for parents to log laps for children.

-detect Runners location (with their opt-in permission of course, that will be a check box in their profile) when Runners open the app to bring them right to the race venue page to log their laps.

-use swag like gamification where Runners earn swag badges for earning so many points.

-allow Runners to view other Runners profiles to see what badges they’ve unlocked, what races they’ve run and their points.

-a “point builder” application where Runners can plan the races they need to run to earn X amount of points (cause who doesn’t like planning to win??)

-integrations with the various race time tracking providers to bring in the actual results of a Runner’s race (yeah….we can do that)

-integrations with the various GPS watch software to bring in maps and routes run (yeah…we can do that too)

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