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Don’t wait …

“I’m SO putting this on my calendar for next year!”

OCR has a short life span, but in that time trends have formed. Races have fallen into an annual schedule. Spartan will come back to somewhere in your region annually, so will Tough Mudder. Local events will hold annual events – maybe twice a year even.

and everyone says they’ll do it next year.

Maybe you’re interested in an endurance event and don’t feel ready? Next year.
Maybe you missed the best discount code, so you’ll get in early next year.
Maybe the race date crept up on you – lets pick it up again next year.

Another trend in OCR? Races not being around next year. Hero Rush, Ruckus, Superhero Scramble, Zombie Charge and many more – all events that people enjoyed and loved – that you can’t do anymore. They didn’t make it work.

Shale Hill is up for sale. Spartan insist they aren’t making a profit. Battlefrog are always restructuring and seemingly on the verge of collapse (although I’m sure they would disagree). OCR is constantly and frequently evolving, growing and changing. Who knows where any of them will be in 2017.

Next year may not be there for the events you’re putting off. Events you could support today. Events you could register for now. Don’t miss your opportunity.

Don’t wait for next year.


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  1. <3 This is so sad but so true <3

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