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Drill Shirts Are In!

Chicks and Spahtens –

In case you hadn’t noticed, the shirts are in! The plan is to have these guys on the way to you by Friday. I do have to be up front about a couple little details…

1) The drill shirts are different from all the other shirts, but they are all awesome! I didn’t open up the other shirts to see the full shirt, however I can tell you they are embroidered in the front and silk screened the back. They are a bit different than we thought they would be, but still totally worth it. (I seriously am bummed I didn’t have enough money to buy one of each for myself!)

2) If you did not order a drill shirt, it could not be personalized due to the nature of the fact that the design is different. I apologize for the let down in this department, however I assure you the shirts are still super rad!Please feel free to message me if there are any questions or if once you receive your stuff you want to give me feedback. Keep in mind this is the very first order we’ve done with Akuma and from this point forward we will know exactly what to expect!
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