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Elevated Training – OCR Course

1623483_665825763485866_4813351622934354662_nElevated Training is opening tomorrow, and we’re excited to have some New England Spahtens run the course and report back – before they launch, I reached out to talk to John and Jeff, the owners and get some more information about who they are, what they’ve done, and what the plans for Elevated Training are.

Who are the owners of Elevated Training? What are your backgrounds?

John: I have an extensive fitness background with a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Kentucky, and two years in as a graduate candidate in the MS Exercise Science Program at Umass amherst. Professionally, I’ve spent  time as a Strength and Conditioning Coach on the High School, College (Assistant at the University of Kentucky and Head Coach at Providence College), and Professional levels – I spent a couple of months working for Shaun Brown and the Boston Celtics prior to the NBA lockout in ’98, and had operated a Personal Training Business from 1992-2010. I’ve also authored a few fitness articles, and co-authored a book titled Training the Female Athlete.

Jeff has spent time as the Operations and Programs Manager for the Worcester YMCA, served as the President and Executive Officer of the Worcester Rugby club, and holds a Masters in Sports Administration from Georgia Southern University.  We have both spent time in a variety of athletic endeavors; I’ve competed in bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions at various points of my life, whereas Jeff has become interested in running and Obstacle Course Races, and has participated in the Spartan Challenge, and we’ve both competed in collegiate and club Rugby.

Tell us more about the location and plans for the venue?

The concept for the course should be primarily credited to Jeff, as we’ve discussed a variety of business ventures over the years, but his idea coupled with his relationship to the staff at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury – the location of our training site propelled us to begin this particular venture.

Our training venue will be located along the slopes at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury , MA, and encompass about 1.8 mi of rugged terrain filled with a variety of challenging obstacles. Moreover, the property boasts some inclines that are not for the weak of heart.

The obstacles will hopefully vary every couple of weeks, and include such challenges as: balance beams, hay walls, sandbag drags, concrete block drags, tire agility run, the wall, the twine crawl, a mud pit, bucket carry’s, and a few more we don’t want to give away 🙂

How do people register and sign up? When are you open?

Click for pricing
Click for pricing

Right now, our business model is that of an open course. Participants have a few different pricing choices – I’ve attached our pricing sheet, and will be able to come and run the course at their leisure and pace as many times they like during our open hours – think of it as an outside obstacle course gym.
we don’t have a discount code for you guys yet, but I’m working on integrating paypal into our website, so hopefully soon; I’m a rookie at this web design gig, so bear with me 🙂

We’re opening one night a week – Wednesdays from 5:30 to dusk, to start for public training with the option to add more nights as demand dictates, and Tuesdays/Thursdays set aside for group or corporate training/events.

Which brings us to our deal for a Season Pass only $99, which would still be honored when we expand our hours, and currently available at Brown Paper Tickets:

One last note, our course is geared to runners 14+, with anyone under 18 required to have a signed parental consent form available soon on our web site.

Elevated Fitness has an open day tomorrow, Jun 25th from 5:30pm till dusk, and many NES members will be attending – here’s hoping we have a fantastic training facility in a central location!

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