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Ep42: Toughest Mudder and Bonefrog – Special guest, Matt Puntin

This show, Paul and Sandy are joined by Josh in a parking lot, and Matt on a landline! We talk about Sandy’s recent Toughest Mudder experience, and Matt helps us out with his experience at Bonefrog. We also dig into some of the feedback from the OCR community on the recent Bonefrog – where they missed the mark, and where they had successes.

Sandy mentioned that she may be on another podcast soon – keep an eye out for that over at Worlds Toughest Podcast
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1 thought on “Ep42: Toughest Mudder and Bonefrog – Special guest, Matt Puntin

  1. Great run down of Bonefrog Matt. I believe many of us will remain torn on our opinions of the day. I do hope they hear the call for added safety.

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