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Events – new calendar!

For some time, we’ve been using Facebook events to track and co-ordinate where there New England Spahtens were going to be, and what was coming.

It’s time to get something that actually works 🙂 Facebook events are social, but they are also hard to track and hard to maintain. The new Google Calendar system is neither of those.

The aim is to have a listing of all New England based obstacle course (or related) events. Also making an appearance will be training days and events in other locations that we may be interested in (check out the Toronto Spartan Beast featured here!)

There is also a form to fill out and send in if you want to add, change or remove an event.

If a time is listed, then it will be for the team heat – if you want to run with the Spahtens, this is the heat you should shoot for!

Also, you will find discount codes and other related information right in these entries too.

I hope this proves useful to the community! As always, if you have questions or feedback, use the Contact Us page to get in touch!

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