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Extreme Wolverine Challenge “Arctic Blast”

I posted a poll in the Facebook Group recently – and many of you said that the cold either doesn’t bother you, or you simply dress for the weather and get through it. Now is the time to step up and see what you are made of 🙂 Put up, or shut up, so to speak …

This event (on Stratton Mountain, VT) is not only a 5 mile obstacle course race in the snow, with individual and team heats, and some serious prize money on the line, but it’s also a fundraiser. I’m going to have a future blog entry about MCD Group, the company behind this race (and other fundraising sporting events, like golf tournaments and such) – but in the meantime, here’s a teaser …

Here’s a radio ad that you may start to hear on the air – this is a sneak peak, the ad won’t go out to the public until tomorrow- you have a jump on this 🙂

MCD Challenge – radio ad

If you’re running this one – be sure to start a New England Spahten team – there are cash prizes available!

BTW, I’ve talked to the CEO, and some of the obstacles sound … cool!

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