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Extreme Wolverine Challenge

We’ve already talked about the winter break in the OCR community here in New England. There isn’t one! We’ve got some awesome local companies putting on races of different lengths and challenges, and I’d like to introduce you to another one …

MCD Challenge will be putting on the Extreme Wolverine Challenge – you will already have seen the post with their radio spot in it (and this is now being broadcast) – and I have been chatting with the director and CEO, Brian, to get some more information to share with the Spahten community.

Held on Stratton Mt, VT on January 12th, and this will be a snowy, cold weather race (there are future plans for May and October events also). MCD have a history of fundraising at sporting events, and this will be their first step into the OCR world. Also – for the competitive amongst you, there will be prize money 🙂

In Brian’s own words …

We have a 5 mile obstacle endurance race at Stratton Mt. in Vermont on Jan .12th 2013. We have 22 military style obstacles and instead of doing it in the mud we are doing it in the snow. We also have two other races scheduled at Stratton one is in May and the other is in October.

We are benefiting two charities ,Forever Our Heroes and the Stratton Mt Foundation.Forever Our Heroes is a non profit that benefits police ,firemen , military families and correctional officers families. In our races we have another charitable giving opportunity also.We have 6 divisions Civilian, Military ,Police,Fire,Corrections,and Educators. the top 3 teams in each division get a chance to win prize money,to donate to the Charity of there Choice,Cause ,Family , who ever they would like to donate to.

Five dollars of every entry fee of each participant in there division goes into the prize pool for that division, to be paid out to the top three teams. Extreme Wolverine Challenge will also donate 75% of the profit to Forever Our Heroes and the Stratton Mt. Foundation.Two awesome Charities.

People can go to our site and get all the information at: Thanks!!

We will have a village with heated tents and 2 big ski lodges people can hang out. There will be a lot of things to do.We have a party the night before after registration for all the racers and sponsors.

You can find more information, and register here

If we field a team for the event, we’ll get an entry refunded (and this will be distributed back to the team) – so sign up your mothers, sign up your daughters … as they say …

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