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Featured Athlete: James Horgan

james horgan

  • Name:

James Horgan

  • What is your day job, and do you have other hobbies?:

Firefighter/EMT.  Stay at home Dad.  I had hobbies.  Now I have children.

  • Age:


  • When did you start obstacle course racing? Tell us about your first race.:

I started obstacle course racing in 2011 on a dare.  Like most people I started with the Warrior Dash in Amesbury.  What a muddy wonderful mess.  I acquired the “Warrior” rash but more importantly I caught the OCR bug.  My first Spartan Race was supposed to be later that Summer but Spartan Race launched the Spartan Beast.  A 13 mile obstacle course on Mt Killington VT.  Safe to say the rest was history.  One of 77 people who completed the trifeta challenge in 2011.

  • What was your biggest accomplishment at an obstacle course race? What made it your biggest accomplishment (overcame a fear, injury, disability etc?):

My biggest accomplishment is continuing to do races and become more fit.  I was able secure a spot in the Ultra Beast in 2012 and though I was pulled from the course for time, it is both my best and worst day.

  • What attracts you to obstacle course races? Why do you keep coming back?:

The people, the community and the culture.

  • What are your training and/or diet routines? Do you have other athletic pursuits?:

None, none, and no.

  • Were you always athletic? If not, what athletic changes have you made to keep up the obstacle course race lifestyle?:


  • Who, alive or dead, would you invite to run an obstacle course race with you?:

Attilla the Hun.

  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself that we may not know!:

I hate to run….I hate it a lot.

  • What are your goals? Next race, next season … what’s in your future?:

My goals are to mitigate the cost of races and to get my wife to start racing.

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