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Featured Athlete: Scott Sweeney


* Name: Scott Sweeney
* Website:
* Age: 44

* What is your day job, and do you have other hobbies?:
I am an Engineering Manager for Coburn Technologies.  We design and build all of the equipment used to make a pair of eyeglasses.  Aside from OCR racing and training, I enjoy most sports, cooking, working on the house and spending time at home with the family.

* When did you start obstacle course racing? Tell us about your first race
I am relatively new at running and racing.  Decided winter of last year to get into shape and started running around the March timeframe.  To keep myself motivated I challenged myself to run a local Mothers day 5K in town.  As I began training I quickly learned that pavement running was not ideal.  After talking with some people I learned about trail races and the benefits of running on paths.  I looked into some trail races and quickly discovered Obstacle races.  My new goal was to do a Rugged Maniac in July (NJ).  Although the race was difficult at the time I quickly became addicted to them and signed up to as many as I could.

* What was your biggest accomplishment at an obstacle course race? What made it your biggest accomplishment (overcame a fear, injury, disability etc?)
My biggest accomplishment was completing the VT beast last year.  By the end of the year I was in full race/volunteering mode.  I ran a Warrior Dash on Saturday afternoon, quickly ran home, packed the car, left at 3am Sunday to volunteer at 6 and by 1:30 I was off racing the Beast.  My goal was to finish in daylight and I crossed the finish just as the sun set.

* What attracts you to obstacle course races? Why do you keep coming back?
I enjoy the races for several reasons.  I enjoy the competitive nature of the races along with the camaraderie.  Mostly I like the variety of the different races.  My first year racing I missed a lot of races so this year I made it a point to try as many different ones as possible ranging from 5K street races, to 24K trail races, to my first tri-fecta, to races in the snow and races in Foam.  All in total I should have about 35 races this year

* What are your training and/or diet routines? Do you have other athletic pursuits?
Training has primarily been on my own with running and mountain biking however I do train occasionally with the mudder babies in CT.  I also train twice a week with a group from work (see below under fun fact)

* Were you always athletic? If not, what athletic changes have you made to keep up the obstacle course race lifestyle?
I used to be athletic throughout school and growing up but I let alot slide over the years.  I finally was able to make a change last year and will continue to improve.  I have found that keeping up with excercise has been the most beneficial.  To date I have lost roughly 55 pounds training for races and have been able to maintain for close to a year so far.

* Who, alive or dead, would you invite to run an obstacle course race with you?

* Tell us a fun fact about yourself that we may not know!
I talked about OCR so much at work last year that this year I was able to pull a team together.  We have 22 aspiring Spahtens in the making.  Most of the team is fairly new to the sport but the reaction so far has been great.  My company has sponsored us for 2 races this year and even installed a gym at work for us to train in.  We train twice a week, once on a slightly hilly trail and the again on a flatter course with small obstacles.

* What are your goals? Next race, next season … what’s in your future?
I will be attempting my first trail marathon in October.  For next year I would like to do more Spartans, possibly in Canada. This year I am shooting for 9

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