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Featured Race: Civilian Military Combine (CMC)

CMC logo

The race calendar is full of events. We live in an area that is blessed to have just the right mix of terrain, weather, and crazy people – and we attract race directors, race series and events to New England in droves. We thought 2012 was a busy year, but it turns out to have nothing on 2013!

While we’ve had our fair share of new, local events pop up, we’ve also had big names finally bring a race to our area. Civilian Military Combine is just one example. June 29th, at Amesbury Sports Park.

CMC is a little different though. Many race series are billing themselves as family friendly, even novelty events – they have a schtick that works for them. Firefighters, zombies, superhero’s. The races themselves, while an absolute blast and *exactly* what we love doing, sometimes it’s nice to have an event come into town that is all business and unique.

With CMC, there are no novelty costumes. There won’t be anyone competing in a tutu. The competition is about putting yourself through a real physical test and challenge – and partying hard afterwards. The only person you compete against at CMC is yourself – come first or last in your heat, it doesn’t matter – as an event they are only interested in you doing your best.

So – why is it so different?

The Pit is where it starts. You don’t toe the line at a timing mat. You don’t go running when the gun goes off. Instead, you start at the pit, in front of a barbell. For the first 7 minutes you work through a series of workouts, in an AMRAP style. As Many Reps As Possible. The workout for the 2012 season is:

The Pit
7 min AMRAP 
7 push presses, 7 kettlebell swings, 7 burpee box jump overs.

cmc the pit

Once your done, you and your heat toe the line and hit a 5 mile obstacle course race … I have it from the top that the Amesbury, MA event will be especially muddy and especially awesome.

cmc ocr

What does this mean for us, as Spahtens? We’re bringing a team. As a team, we compete together and we’re scored together. Every single Spahten – from the new comers and slow pokes, to the elites and death racers will run together. The scoring system CMC employ is awesome – taking the fastest and slowest scores from both The Pit event and the run itself – everyone else is averaged – meaning you really can’t “be too slow” to be on the team – no one will be able to bring the team down – the fastest runners can set the pace, the pack just “gets the job done” – truly a unique arrangement.

You definitely want to be at this event.

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