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Featured Review – Wason Pond Pounder

This race season is in full swing now – and with that will come Spahtens traveling in groups across the East Coast (and further) to hit up as many OCR’s as Time and money will allow. Next Year, Keep the Pond Pounder on your list of races to do. Wason Pond Pounder accurately describes themselves as a moderately challenging, and family-friendly obstacle course; it is exactly that. This is a race worth supporting and running, and hope for a bigger event next year!


Price:  Proceeds benefit Chester Charitable Foundation, a non-profit raising money to support charitable endeavors in the community. This year including One Fund Bostoncourse

Venue: Excellent, Wooden and Open Fields with Water crossings.

Parking: Ample Off Site Parking with Shuttle Service 2.5 miles to race site. At $2 per car to park (super cheap!)

Course: Moderately Challenging. Elite Spahtens will be able to take on this course multiple times.

Staff: Super Friendly, Ample Volunteers. Smooth Check-ins, Shirt pickup, Multiple Volunteers on course at every obstacle.


James on Lap 4So lets Get on to Race day!

The Race is located at Wason Pond in Chester NH, Depending on how heavy your foot it, its about 30 minutes north of the MA border.  Race Directors Posted Waivers online a week before to download and bring with you, BIBs were also posted online the day before to ensure you had everything you needed for a Smooth Check-in. Several emails were also sent to participants leading up to the race to inform Runners of Race Day to-do’s including locations for parking, cost etc. Everything about Pond Pounder is all about getting you all the information you need up front so there are no surprises.

Like I said before, Ample parking at $2 a pop can’t be beat with a short Bus ride to the course. Buses were frequent to and from the venue – I didn’t wait more than 2 minutes before I had a ride to and from the race. There was also binders on the bus of everyone’s BIB numbers, so if you happen to forget to get this info it was available on the Bus. Buses dropped us off directly in front of Registration, where there was additional Bib Lists so you can pick up your packets.  Registration Staff was Friendly and timely. Again, no wait for us.

The area is small, However there was plenty of room and picnic tables to set up shop at. They had Bag check and Changing Tents, Vendors selling Food and some other Vendors selling item for charity. Wason keeps the feeling and mood of the day like your at a big family cookout. Lots of Kids and families


Announcers made clear when Heats should get ready to go, Heats went off every 20 minutes. Timing chips were done by Velcro straps to your ankle. They counted you down and then you were off! It was a fast course for Elite runners, fastest time coming in about 23 minutes. We faced your typical obstacles, over unders, 6ft walls, monkey bars, They also included Cinder block carries, Tire drags and Water Crossings. (Course never took you deeper then your waist, No Swimming needed)

This is a very much a “beginners race” to the OCR world, Nothing was too scary for the beginner and was a great way to have the WHOLE family run in any heat, but specifically with their Family Heats in the afternoon.  There was no real backup on any obstacles if there was it was minimal. (seconds not minutes) And for those of you that fear the race clutter, Wason Offered 2 competitive waves in the morning this year.


  • Ample and cheap parking
  • Plenty of Staff, Friendly and Helpful
  • Accurate described course
  • Obstacles were sturdy and Safe
  • Spectators can get at atleast 1/2 the course


  • Honestly there really isn’t much worth mentioning. Runners do have to cross a portion of the course to get into the starting gate, this could be adjusted.
  • Wason had 743 finishers, the venue / spectator area would probably max out at 1000 runners. There is however plenty of additional room to expand with some slight course adjustments if participation increases.


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  1. Thank you so much for coming to The Pounder, supporting The Chester Charitable Foundation, and giving us a fabulous review! It was a huge success and we raised lots of $$$! I will look for your team at other races!

  2. Wow! Fabulous review of the Wason Pond Pounder by a group of Obstacle Course Race frequenters!

  3. Great write up about the Pounder this weekend!

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