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Generation 2 drill shirts – coming soon!

frontshortsleeveAkuma have been producing our iconic drill shirts in the UK since day one – and at nearly 4 years, and over 700 items later with no major design changes, it’s time to partner up with them again to kick off a new style!

Available for pre-order soon, we will be launching our Gen2 Drill Shirt!

These will be a looser, more forgiving¬†fit than our existing drill shirts, and they will be available in a women’s cut! Customizable with your nickname as always.

and if you’re looking for something lighter weight and lower cost, we will be offering our embroidered logo on a tech T and new, a tech tank! These will not be customizable.

Pre-orders will start soon – watch the store, or our Facebook group for timing and pricing information in the coming week.

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