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Giegerrig 700


I first purchased this unit after some slimeball stole my old Army issue Camel at the Tuxedo Sprint. I initially loved the squirt method of the pack because you know what a mouthpiece looks like after a barbwire crawl. Besides the ability to squirt water, this pack has a huge amount of room in easy pockets. So far, squirts and has pockets, sounds like my 10 y/ son. I also liked its comfort factor on  my back. Sturdy, good padding, no sweat buildup. Everything looked great except bladder size. I like 3 liter bladders, I can’t get enough water in the woods and 70 oz is not enough.

My first excursion with this bag was almost its last. The pump inflater would not stay attached. I really hate when my Soldiers have to pickup after me, and when they bring the pump to me like a self inflation device. Also the chest strap failed. Not a great start.

I was going to use this on family only trips as I no longer trusted it. But then I needed a bag system for killington. I needed storage for all the gummies/ jerky ect and water Id be carrying . I just substituted my camel bladder in and Id be happyish. The 700 bag carried 3 packages of Gatorade gummies, 2 lbs of jerky, more crap then I wanted but just enough to get me through.

When I got to Killington, I found the Giegerrig Rep! Expecting nothing, I told him my problems. I got an entire swap out of bag and bladder! I took that bag and “ran” through the Beast. I did not use the pump only because i did not want it to break and leave me hanging. Chest strap and pump bulb stayed secure through out race.

Overall, I have to give product a 4 due to dud I got originally vs superior customer service.

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  1. Have you used it again since?

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