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Gladiator Training Grounds cancels, and closes it’s doors.

logo_gladiator-training-groundsGladiator Training Grounds has been around a couple of years in it’s current form, and the older, creakier of us will remember Ruckus and Renegade Playground Challenge – both original New England brands that helped launch the OCR world here – both sucked up into Gladiator Challenge as their owners moved on.

They were scheduled for a July 16th event, but sadly an email to their registered attendees indicates this event will not happen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.08.08 PM

As you can see, they indicate that the reason is simply – numbers. You have them, or you don’t have them. You can afford to pay your bills and build your obstacles, or you cannot.

Speaking to Steve, he let me know that this is the end of the road for himself in the OCR space. The financial aspect and workload of trying to operate an event like this is simply not a good fit in his life any longer – and it’s time to leave it behind.

It’s always sad to see OCRs end – especially one with ties to two well loved brands who also couldn’t make it happen in their own times. They’re doing it right, with notification and refunds coming.

The venue of Marshfield Fairgrounds has held an OCR since the beginning in 2010, and with the exit of Gladiator, it’s one less event for those south of Boston.



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