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Harvard Training – Spring 2013

I’m fairly certain every single person reading this knows by now – but this past Saturday, the New England Spahtens rocked Harvard Stadium.

Close to 100 Spahtens came out, and brought their energy, their willingness to work hard, their amazing attitude – and after a few hours, we were beaten down and, made stronger, made faster and made closer as a team.



Harvard Stadium group shot

James Mariano was our general – and he brought a ton of toys and ideas – thanks to Patrick for his work on the back side to build slosh pipes, walls and load them all into his BIG ASS TRUCK. Thanks to Lisa for putting together the warmup, and just being a damn warm individual to boot.

Many thanks to Don Devaney for bringing Spartan Race to the party too – with their own toys, and the second to none, booming voice that only Don can bring – their presence took the day to a new level.

Thanks to Vince for capturing the day on camera – and heck – thanks to anyone and everyone who had a hand in making the day happen, and helping the memories of the day stick with us.

Of course, the most thanks are to you – the members of the New England Spahtens. Don’t ever doubt – we arrived “on the scene” a while back – and events like this just cement that to anyone who views us from afar. The New England Spahtens are the team to beat. We’re the team to catch. Every member, from the fastest, strongest elite runner – through to the weekend warrior who is registered for their first Spartan Race and trying to get ready – you all play a part in making this team the success it has been.

Check this video footage of the day to see what you missed out on …

And to all the other teams we beat out there?



(not really …)


Many more photos can be found on Facebook – HERE

3 thoughts on “Harvard Training – Spring 2013

  1. Brings back the day quite nicely. Thanks to everyone for being there!

  2. This is what "awesomesauce" is made of.

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