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Holiday Training

Its that time of year – eggnog, lots of holiday cookies, changed gym schedules. Whats a Spahten to do?

Fortunately, we’ve got a solution – and in case you managed to miss it, here we go again.

Saturday, Dec 23rd, James Mariano is going to be our host, MC, trainer and butt kicker in a free training session, held at Harvard Stadium in Allston, MA. We start at 8am, and go until the last Spahten drops – then we get breakfast!

There will be sandbags, tire flips, weighted runs, sprints. Important to note though – this is open to all abilities. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to attend – just bring a willingness to find your limits and push them a bit. This will also be a great social occasion, with one of the largest gatherings of Spahtens outside a race event – you don’t want to miss this if you count Spahtens amongst your buddies.

This is shaping up to be THE December event (in the absence of any real Obstacle Course Races). You don’t want to miss this. Personally, I’m leaving my home at 5:30am to get there good and early.

The event page:

Spahten Elite Fitness group:

Harvard Stadium details:


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