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Hoppin’ Mad Mud Run – Cancelled


Dear Athlete
Heat Event Management LLC would like to thank all who have supported the last three years of the Hoppin Mad Mud Run and the many devoted followers of this Event.
Unfortunately, it has become clear in the last week that we do not have the 100% support that all events like this need.
We do not put on races that are not top-quality events, we feel it is in our best interest to cancel the Hoppin Mad Mud Run at Woodsom Farm in Amesbury MA. We hope that at some point in the future we can bring back an event that will showcase Woodsom Farm and its beautiful course.

It’s the email you never want to get, as an athlete. Hoppin’ Mad Mud Run has a great history, with three events under their belt, and an event company behind it that promotes and puts on several different events through the year. I ran the past two years with my father, and we had a great time at each one – 10k distance, with 5k of road at the front to spread things out, then 5k trails with some interesting and fun obstacles – they held the honor of the muddiest finish line I’d ever come across too.

This year, they were offering a 20k option that people were training up for (15k road, 5k trail), and excited for. In previous years, Worlds Toughest Mudder Junyong Pak (and his dog) had won the event easily, and lapped many of us on his second or third passes through the course. They had a fantastic venue, they were well run and a pleasure to support. It’s going to be a shame to not have them on the race calendar for 2014.

Now of course, the big question – how did they handle it? Very well, I think. (are you reading, Jungle Cup? PeepleChase?)

Please contact us at for a race transfer to one of the NFMA Fresh Food Races or refund of your Hoppin registration fee. All transfer and refund requests must be in no later than June 30th 2013. Refund checks will go out in July.

Very well. They are offering free transfer to a local 5k event, or a full refund of your money, with a clear expectation of *when* you will get that refund. You really can’t ask for better.

If you were looking for an event to run this weekend, join the New England Spahtens in Rhode Island on Saturday, they will be running Bold R Dash on the Beach, another fun looking event.


2012 Hoppin Mad Mud Run


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