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Hoppin Mad Mud Run – Spahten discount!


Heat Event Management are an Amesbury, MA based company that puts on some really fun events – everything from trail runs and triathlons, to beer tasting and farmers markets.

Sunday, May 19th, they will be hosting their fourth annual Hoppin’ Mad Mud Run – and were kind enough to give the Spahtens a 20% discount on pre-registration race entry.

The Hoppin’ Mad Mud Run is a 10k or 20k foot race, that finishes with 3 miles of obstacles – I’ve run it over the past two years, and they do a great job – I’ve always had a ton of fun.

So – if you want to take part in this – decide if you want to run 10k or 20k. 10k runners can run solo, or create two or five person teams. 20k runners have to run solo. Regardless, wear your NE Spahten drill shirt, and represent in our own back yard!

To get your discount, fill out one of these forms, and mail them with a personal check to:

Heat Event Management LLC,
P.O. Box 1296,
Newburyport, MA

10k Individual Registration Form 
10k Team Registration Form

20k Individual Registration Form

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